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Fringe Wrap Outfit Ideas

Fringe Wrap Outfit Ideas

When you meet or hang out with friends, it is best to wear a cozy and casual outfit that will make you look approachable and beautiful at the same time. There are times for fancy and sexy outfits, but probably not when you are chatting with friends at a fast food restaurant. One way to look casual and airy is to wear the fringe wrap as part of your casual outfit. To make things easier for you, I’ve rounded up some of the best fringe wrap outfit ideas for you. Let’s dive right in.

Gray fringe wrap with dark blue skinny jeans


Wearing a fringe wrap is like wearing an elegant version of a thick sweater. It’s very easy to style and, most importantly, very easy to take off. To start this list, I’ll show you a very simple outfit. You can achieve this look by wearing a gray fringe wrap with a black t-shirt and navy skinny jeans. Wear black ballerinas for the shoes to look casual yet elegant.

White fringe wrap with black tea & jeans

white t-jeans with white fringe wrap

For a more refreshing look, you can use a lighter shade. For example, you can try pairing a white fringe wrap with a black t-shirt for the top. For the bottom section, just wear blue skinny jeans and a pair of light pink pointy toe heels. Instead, wear nude sandals when you want to look more refreshing.

White fringe wrap with ripped jeans

ripped jeans with white fringes

The length or size of the fringe packaging matters. Compared to the white fringe wrap from the previous outfit, this white fringe wrap is much larger and almost looks like a mini dress. Pair it with blue ripped skinny jeans and black heels to complete this outfit that will make you look tall and slim.

Light pink fringe wrap with black leggings

pale pink black fringed leggings

To look more feminine, an easy way is to add some pink to your outfit. For example, you can wear a light pink fringe wrap over a white t-shirt. Wear black leggings for the buttocks and a pair of light pink heels for a simple and ladylike way to complete this outfit.

Gray linen fringe packaging with cotton gaiters

gray linen-cotton leggings with fringes

Not only can the color of the edge chain make a big difference, the texture can make a big difference too. For example, here’s a dark gray fringed linen wrap that adds some depth and toughness to the mix. Pair it with gray leggings and black leather boots to look both stylish and beautiful.

Wear it with dark blue skinny jeans and a boho-style necklace

Dark blue skinny jeans in boho style

Some people may think that the boho style is something that is difficult to achieve. All you need is a little boho style element to transform the whole outfit. For example, you can wear a gray fringe wrap with a white t-shirt and a long boho style necklace to shape this boho look. Wear them with navy skinny jeans and light pink open toe heels for a simple and clean way to complete the outfit.

Gray fringe wrap with black skinny jeans

gray fringe wrap black skinny jeans

This outfit has to be the most minimal outfit on the list. The way the fringe wrap is worn so that the white top is completely invisible makes the outfit look extra simple. Wear it with black skinny jeans and black loafers to look dark and stylish.

White wrap with black skinny jeans

white wrap black skinny jeans

Just when you think that all wraps have the same cut or even look the same, I’m going to show you this white fringed wrap with a cowl neckline. Just pair it with black skinny jeans and white sneakers to achieve this black and white look that is both cozy and pretty.

Neon pink fringe wrap with gray skinny jeans

Neon pink fringe wrap gray skinny jeans

If I had to pick a color that made you look both feminine and eye-catching, the neon pink would be a pretty safe choice. To incorporate this into your casual look, you can wear a neon pink fringe wrap with a black t-shirt for the top. Combine them with gray, slim cargo pants and black ballerinas.

Multi-colored striped knitted fringe wrap with a completely black outfit

Multi colored striped knit fringe wrap any black outfit

For a cheerful and ladylike look, you can choose a rainbow-colored, striped fringe wrap made of knitted fabric. To really show off the wrap, wear it over a black fitted t-shirt and black skinny jeans. The black ballerinas are the perfect shoes to keep the outfit slim and minimal.

Gray cashmere wrap with fringes and high leather boots

Thigh-high leather boots made of gray cashmere

Another way to look really stylish is by wearing the brown knee high leather boots. You can combine it with a long gray fringe wrap and dark blue skinny jeans. That’s it. It looks simple on paper, but the outfit actually looks stylish and deep.

Wear it with a gray t-shirt and green skinny pants

gray t-shirt green skinny pants

If you’re a bit bored of wearing jeans or leggings all the time, let’s try this outfit with the green skinny pants. Team the pants with a gray t-shirt and a gray long fringed wrap with a cowl neckline. For the shoes, you can wear a pair of medium calf black leather boots to look more unique and stylish.

Crepe floral fringe wrap with white maxi dress

white maxi dress made of crepe floral fringes

This outfit is much more ladylike and mature, especially when compared to the other outfits mentioned. To achieve this amazing look, you can wear a crepe fringe wrap with floral details and layer it over a white maxi dress. Combine them with nude sandals to give the outfit a particularly feminine touch.

White wrap with blue skinny jeans

white wrap-around blue skinny jeans

For a very casual look that you can wear in the fall, a typical outfit is to wear a long sleeved white t-shirt with blue jeans. Now replace your long-sleeved T-shirt with a white fringe wrap to make the outfit look more airy and stylish. Add a more casual twist to your outfit with white sneakers.

Gray fringe wrap with ripped blue jeans

gray fringe torn blue jeans

Here’s another super casual look. You can top it with a gray buttoned wrap as a typical white t-shirt and denim outfit. For the shoes, you can wear white sneakers or, more stylishly, a pair of black and white high-top Converse.

Hope you enjoy the fringe wrap outfit ideas I just shared with you. If you’ve never tried wearing a fringe wrap, just pick an outfit idea above and try to mimic it. Most of the time, expanding the outfit game is a lot of fun.

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