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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Are you thinking of giving your bathroom a do-over though, afraid of the potential cost of repairs? Here's the good news: you don't have to spend so much to turn your bathroom into a cool and relaxing space. Here are many bathroom renovation ideas that you can use on a budget.

Statistics reveal that remodeling your bathroom can cost about $ 10,000, while an exclusive renovation can cost you a hefty $ 26,000. depending on how you want your bathroom to look.

Also, upscaling and renovating your bathroom will add value to your home if you are considering putting it on the market. If you make the right adjustments, you can easily get your investment back with some interest in it.

First, plan a budget that you can afford for your bathroom renovation by determining the extent of the changes you can make. If your budget is low ($ 2,000 or less), you should stick to cosmetic changes, such as new painting, a new sink and new fixtures. But if you have more to spend, you can make big changes like adding a bathtub, tiles or a window. Again, it depends on how much you are willing or able to spend.

So, what are some of the best bathroom renovation ideas you can consider?

Tiles {}

bathroom Tiles
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Buy fewer tiles if you have a low budget. You can renovate the bathroom alone, or halfway up the wall and paint the rest of the finish. You can also add some random tiles to give your bathroom color or theme while saving costs.

Sometimes tiles are expensive, especially if you hire a contractor to do the renovation. To save money, place the tiles in areas with high impact such as floors and bathroom walls. Alternatively, you can tile one side of the wall and paint the other side.

If you are fixated on using expensive tiles, use custom tile rugs, arranged in an unusual but distinct pattern. You can also add mosaic tiles to the shower. For help if you have problems with yours underpinnings you can get in touch with an expert.

Showers {}

Bathroom showers
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If your budget is limited, an elegant hand-held shower should suffice. Although limited, it comes with some benefits that are easy to rinse your hair or tub. Alternatively, you can remove your shower controls to get a uniform suite design in just a few hours.

With a high budget you can seek the services of Bathroom Renovation Sydney to help you install dual shower heads, body sprays and handheld shower heads for a lavish and refreshing bathroom experience. For people of different heights, you can also install a wall mounted shower head, which is adjustable to your height.

You may be wondering if you can mount the handheld shower heads with the existing plumbing. Yes you can! You can also install a shower that acts as a steam shower. But you need a door with tight seals.

Toilets {}

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If you are planning a cheap bathroom renovation, buy basic white components as they are cheaper compared to everything in color. One idea is to install a new toilet seat together with corresponding accessories such as towel rails and tissue paper holder.

With a high budget you can install an electrically powered hatbox toilet, low energy version or low flow.

Box} {Medicine

You can repaint your existing cabinet (using mold-safe paint and primer) with accent colors from soap dishes and dishes.

With a high budget, you can install a brand new medicine cabinet with a rotating mirror to facilitate maintenance and to add some virtual depth to the bathroom.

Storage {}

Storage of bathrooms
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This means increasing the efficiency of the cabinet. You can pull out shelves and try to color or paint to update the finish of the piece. For high budget users, you can hire companies like Bathroom Building in Sydney to paint and refinish the cabinet doors.

Seats {}

To save on costs, find a cheap, cushioned chair or bench that you can use while in the bathroom.

But if you have a flexible budget, you can add tiled shower benches that match the shower tiles or add a bench with contrasting tiles or glass materials. Unless absolutely necessary, it is advisable to refrain from sitting in the bathroom, especially if your budget is limited.


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This is one of the cheapest and perhaps most effective way to renovate your bathroom. It gives you the most dramatic change at the lowest cost.

Although a fresh coat of paint is something you would quickly jump on, you need to be careful. It may take longer to paint your bathroom than you expect. Why? You must carefully paint the toilet, sink, bathtub or shower around the window, floor and corner of the wall. This requires time and patience (and enough variety of paints), so make sure you take this into consideration before planning your bathroom renovation.

One thing to keep in mind is the moisture. The bathroom environment attracts mold and mildew, as such it is wise to apply high quality paint with a satin finish. You may also want to paint the ceiling with a special color that prevents the growth of mold.

{Update Fixtures}

Update fixtures
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Another renovation tip – focus on the small details. These include towel racks, drawer drawers, sinks and fixtures at a relatively cheap cost. While these small items may seem insignificant, improving them can make a big difference. Check out tips from bathroom renovation Sydney. These items can be expensive for some, but you can easily find ways around this by reusing items.

For example, you do not need to buy new towel racks. You can reuse items like old plumbing for the towel rail to give your bathroom a cool, industrial feel. Reusing items for your bathroom renovation helps save costs without affecting overall appearance. You just have to be a little creative.

Although not much time is spent in your bathroom, the short bursts of relaxing and soothing experiences make the bathroom one of the most important rooms in the house. Making small additions and modifications to your bathroom can make it more comfortable and increase the value of your home.

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