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Off Shoulder Ruffle Top Outfits

Off Shoulder Ruffle Top Outfits

For those of you who have beautiful shoulders and skin, you may have already worn off your shoulder tops to make the most of your strengths. Today I want to talk about a very specific version of it that looks sexy and chic. It’s the off shoulder ruffle top. You can easily build some very nice looking street outfits around it. To get you off to a good start, I’ve put together the best outfit ideas for you. Let’s check out the exciting list below.

Blue Off The Shoulder ruffle top with skinny jeans


For a casual and low-key sexy street outfit, you can wear a blue off-the-shoulder ruffle top that goes well with blue ripped skinny jeans. Keep the outfit light and refreshing by pairing the pieces with white heeled sandals.

Green ruffle off the shoulder top with ripped boyfriend jeans

green off shoulder ruffle top boyfriend jeans

For a more stylish look, here is a slightly more sophisticated outfit that does just that. To achieve this great look, you can wear a green ruffle off the shoulder top with a ripped and cuffed boyfriend jeans. Pair them with nude strappy sandals to add extra style to the outfit. Wear a choker to add a stylish touch to the outfit.

White off shoulder top with ripped jeans

white strapless top jeans

Here’s a simple and refreshing look that shows how the white, blue, and brown color combination is used. Wear a white off shoulder ruffle top with blue ribbed skinny jeans. Combine the pieces with brown platform heels with open toes and a brown leather handbag to give the overall look a feminine touch.

White net made of an off the shoulder ruffle top

white net made of an off-the-shoulder ruffle top

Here is a unique white mesh top. To wear this white mesh casually off your shoulder, you can easily combine it with ripped jeans and white heels with an open toe strap. A nifty shocking pink wallet makes the outfit look very noticeable.

Gray top with white skinny jeans

gray, white, ripped skinny jeans

This is a very stylish and chic way to wear an off the shoulder top. To achieve this remarkable look, you can wear a gray off the shoulder ruffle top with white, heavily ripped skinny jeans. For the shoes, you can wear either white sandals for a more feminine look or black loafers for a more stylish look. To make the outfit even more stylish, tie a denim jacket around your waist.

Black short ruffle top with denim shorts

black short denim shorts with ruffle top

This is a refreshing and happy outfit that is perfect for both summer and spring. You can wear a black cropped ruffle off the shoulder top with denim shorts and bare sandals and that would have been a really good looking outfit by itself. Wear a straw hat to make the outfit look more refreshing and relaxed.

White strapless top with a lace mini skirt

white strapless mini skirt made of lace

For a pretty all-white outfit, you can wear a white off shoulder ruffle top with a white lace mini skirt. You can definitely look your best by pairing the outfit with white sandals to actually look all white. Alternatively, you can add a little color by wearing a pair of light pink heels and a gray leather handbag.

White ruffle top with black jeans and sandals

white ruffle tops black denim sandals

Here is a simple and stylish black and white outfit. To achieve this, you can wear an off the shoulder white ruffle top with black skinny jeans. Add a pair of black sandals and a black handbag to your outfit.

Black strapless top with checked skater skirt

black strapless plaid skater skirt

This is a unique outfit that will get a lot of attention. To achieve this look, simply wear a black off the shoulder ruffle top with a black and white plaid skater skirt. A pair of cheetah sandals is chosen very creatively for the outfit. And for extra style, you can wear a straw hat and black clutch to complete the outfit.

Sky blue ruffle top with white skinny jeans

sky blue white skinny jeans with ruffled top

This blue and white outfit is a dreamy outfit made up of simple pieces that work flawlessly together. For the top, wear a sky blue top with shoulder ruffles. Pair it with white skinny jeans and light pink open toe heels. Wear a classy pink wallet to add glamor to your outfit.

Red and white floral top with no shoulder

Off-the-shoulder red and white top with a floral pattern

Up to this point, we’ve looked at lots of solid color ruffle tops. Now let’s look at a floral top. This is a red and white floral ruffle top that looks just gorgeous and refreshing. Wear skinny jeans and nude heeled sandals to create a feminine outfit. Wear a straw hat to take the outfit to another level.

Chambray off the shoulder ruffle top

Chambray off shoulder ruffle top

This is one such special off the shoulder ruffle chambray top. It’s a super rare item that looks beautiful and unique. You can pair it with white skinny jeans and bare open-toed heels for a refreshing blue and white look. This is a perfect outfit for dating and dining out.

Red ruffle top with denim shorts

red denim shorts with ruffle top

Although red is a very popular color, it is quite rare to see a red off shoulder ruffle top. Pair it with blue denim shorts for a pretty eye-catcher. To make the outfit even more attractive, you can wear red heeled sandals and a shocking pink handbag to complete this remarkable look.

White bell sleeves without a shoulder top

white bell sleeves from the shoulder top

The bell sleeve design looks pretty good when paired with a ruffle top. It’s almost like having ruffle shoulders and ruffle sleeves at the same time. To look good with this white bell-sleeved strapless ruffle top, wear it with light blue skinny jeans and pink pointy poe pumps to look both stylish and feminine.

Black and white striped top with a pleated skirt

black and white striped pleated upper skirt

To achieve a super chic look, you can wear a black and white striped top with shoulder ruffles. Choose a figure-hugging one and tuck it into a knee-length skirt of gray chiffon. Pair them with light pink heels to complete the outfit with elegance.

Hopefully you will find the out-of-the-shoulder top outfit ideas mentioned above useful. When you have beautiful skin and shoulders, get out of your comfort zone and show just a little bit of skin. You will see a brand new world of fashion right in front of your comfort zone.

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