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How To Wear Black Birkenstocks

How To Wear Black Birkenstocks

When this trend popped up on all of the social media feeds I’ve been on, I was in some kind of shock. I just couldn’t believe the ugly shoes could be new favorites for it-girls ?! Black birch sticks were all over my Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest feed! The 90s trend hit back again and this time the outfits looked even better.

Then it hit me: you are not that bad. The main feature of the birch sticks is great comfort. You can wear them all day and still your feet will feel like it’s 8 a.m.
If you like minimalist outfits, you will love the Birkenstock shoes. The black ones are classic and can be combined with anything.
I won’t waste any more time. Let’s see how you can carry black birch sticks without looking awkward.

All Black

black birch sticks all black
If you want to dress in all black, this is the best way to do it. Combine your long black coat with the black maxi dress. The slit makes this outfit less boring and the birch sticks give it a great, chunky feel to it.

Crop top and high waist pants

black birch canes crop top
This is a great outfit combo that you can wear for more formal events too. Don’t be fooled by the black birch canes that this outfit is only for a casual city stroll. You can just dress up for a drink or have lunch with your friends outdoors.

Military shirt and black jeans

black Birkenstocks military jacket
This outfit is perfect for those moments when I have nothing to wear. It’s very simple and yet it looks very pretty. Wear your black birch canes with the white t-shirt, olive shirt and black skinny jeans.

Gray long sweater and black birch sticks

black Birkenstocks gray sweater
If you want your outfit to be comfortable and warm, this is what you should wear. Team your black leggings with a gray and long thick sweater and add a light gray t-shirt to the whole combination. Carry a black small bag over your shoulders.

Wrap yourself up

wrap black birch sticks
If you’re a fan of the Olsen twins (I know I am) you’ll recognize their signature outfit combo – black birch sticks and something oversized.
This outfit looks very comfortable and is still unique. Wear it for everyday walks around town.

Striped pants

black Birkenstocks striped trousers
This is the perfect summer outfit that you will love to wear every day. The striped pants are just super comfortable and in combination with the black Birkenstocks you can wear this look every day and for every occasion. Add a cool hat just like the photo above.

Off-duty look model

black birch sticks off duty
You know I like these types of off duty looks. They are a great inspiration for my casual outfit looks. Why don’t you try wearing this super comfy combo? Recreate this look by donning black birch sticks, leggings and a sleeveless shirt. These are all black, and most importantly, comfortable staples that you will want to always carry.

Very gray outfit

black birch sticks gray
Is there anything more beautiful than the combination of white and gray? Combine your gray, fluffy sweater and white chinos with black birch sticks. Round it all off with the black shopping bag.

Jeans and white t-shirt

black Birkenstocks jeans
This outfit is perfect for everyday errands like paying bills and buying groceries.
Combine your skinny jeans and white t-shirt with Birkenstocks and a small bag. It’s a perfect combination of a casual outfit.

Training pants

black Bireknstocks training pants
Training pants are very popular this fall and winter. You should definitely consider buying at least a pair of these. The main thing that you will notice while getting dressed is a large helping of comfort. If you combine them with the black Birkenstocks, you get a super cool and also very trendy outfit look.

Culottes and Black Birkenstocks

black Birkenstocks culottes
If you are looking for great pants, I have a suggestion for you: culottes. The trouser model with A-line cut that flatters your legs and looks perfect in combination with the Birkenstocks. Wear it with the white blazer for a great monochrome look.

Denim shirt and black birch sticks

black bireknstocks denim shirt
This outfit can be worn on both casual and elegant occasions. Make sure to have classy outdoor events as this look would be great for a garden party.
Wear your jeans button down with the silk black shorts.

Long trench coat

black bireknstocks long coat
When you put on your leather dress and bespoke coat, it should look like this. Simple yet very effective outfit combination for everyday life.
Add an animal-themed statement bag.

Oversized sweatshirt

black birch sticks oversized
If you need a great and very chunky outfit that takes no more than 5 minutes to put together, here is a great example that you can use.
Gray, chunky hoodie paired with ripped jeans and black Birkenstocks make a great, casual combo.

Sport dress

black birkenstocks red dress
Mixing such styles can always look good. The trendy red sport dress is combined with the long cardigan to achieve a particularly casual and sporty look. It’s perfect to wear on hot summer days with your favorite Birkenstocks.

Beige pants and long trench

black bireknstocks beige
This is a very urban and casual outfit that is perfectly layered. This look can be your new outfit for the office. It looks so comfortable that you’ll want to wear it for after-work drinks with your colleagues too.

Short suit

black bireknstocks suit
If you’re thinking of wearing your black birch sticks with the more formal suit, this is the way to go.
Combine your short blazer and skirt with the black Birkenstocks and the small black bag for a wonderful combination of an elegant and casual look.

I hope you have changed your mind about Birkenstocks. As you can see, they look very minimal, can be easily incorporated into any combination, and, more importantly, are very comfortable to wear.

After coming across so many outfits, I’ve also changed my mind and am now even thinking about buying them for next summer.
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