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How To Wear High Low Shirts

For those of you familiar with the high-low dress, you shouldn’t be surprised how stylish and airy the high-low shirt can make you look. For those of you who don’t yet know what the “high low” cuts mean, it basically means that the front part of the shirt is shorter than the back part. At some point a lot and sometimes just a little. To show you the power and magic of this asymmetrical item, I’ve rounded up some of the best high-low shirt outfit ideas. Let’s look at them now.

White buttonless high-low shirt with black leggings


One of the safest and best looking ways to wear a high-low shirt is to wear it with leggings. I’ll start the list with an example of such an outfit. For the top you can simply wear a white high-low shirt, a buttonless one for that particular outfit. Black leggings and white open-toe platform sandals are a surefire way to make your outfit look simple.

White peplum high low shirt with leggings

white peplum high low shirt with leggings

For a slightly more eye-catching look, a ruffle element would help. For example, wear a white high-low peplum shirt with frilled details. Team it with black leggings for a casual and feminine outfit. You can wear a pair of black lace-up ankle boots to add a more stylish and sturdy look to the outfit.

White button up high low shirt with black leather gaiters

white button high low shirt black leather leggings

This white shirt with a high button is a very nice and interesting product in itself. It has a very special design that just looks like an ordinary shirt when you see it from the front, and it looks like a midi shirt dress when you see it from the back. If you combine it now with black leather leggings, a very stylish outfit is created. Combine them with black leather boots to make the outfit even more stylish.

Black high low t shirt with ripped jeans

black high low t shirt ripped jeans

This isn’t exactly a high-low shirt. Instead, it’s a high-low shirt. Knowing that many of you have a growth philosophy that you enjoy looking at in terms of related and similar outfits, I am adding this outfit to the list here. Either way, you can wear this black high-low shirt with ripped jeans and nude heeled sandals for a simple yet elegant look.

Black V-neck high low shirt with denim mini shorts

black v-neck high low shirt denim mini shorts

An outfit that combines a high-low shirt with mini shorts looks really good. The shirt shows or hides the shorts, depending on the angle you are looking from. As an example of such an outfit, there is a black high-low shirt with a V-neck that is combined with denim mini-shorts. Pair them with white sneakers for a sexy and stylish look.

Light Blue Belted Button Up Peplum Top

light blue belt with shovel on top

This is such a beautiful and eye-catching shirt. You can even call this a dress if you want. It’s a light blue, belted, high peplum button that has some exaggerated ruffle detailing. Combine the shirt with white skinny jeans and white heeled sandals to look elegant and beautiful.

Cold shoulder high low shirt with jeans

cold shoulder high low shirt with jeans

Here’s an outfit that looks both stylish and restrainedly sexy. It’s also very easy to peel off. To achieve this look, you can wear a light blue cold shoulder shirt and pair it with blue ripped skinny jeans. Pair these pieces with bare boho sandals and some boho bracelets and a necklace to complete this unique outfit.

Black and white striped high-low shirt with jeans

black and white striped high-low shirt jeans

Here’s another over the top yet gorgeous high low long shirt. It’s a black and white striped shirt. Combine it with black skinny jeans and pointed toe heels made of black suede to look classy and feminine. This is one of those surprise outfits to wear to a prom or formal event.

Blue and black plaid tall low shirt

blue and black checked high low shirt

This blue and black checked high-low shirt reminds me of the iconic red and black checked boyfriend shirt. This high-low shirt also looks casual and stylish. To style this shirt feminine and elegant, you can wear black thigh-high suede boots to take this outfit to the next level.

White shirt with a collar and high-waisted skinny jeans

white collar shirt, high-waisted skinny jeans

If I have to choose a color for a high-low shirt, it has to be white because it has always been the iconic color for shirts. This white collar shirt has an exaggerated high cut combined with a little ruffle. You can simply pair the shirt with high-waisted blue skinny jeans and white heeled sandals to complete this simple yet remarkable outfit.

Yellow maxi high low shirt dress with white pants

yellow maxi high low shirt dress white pants

A lemon yellow shirt is pretty rare and unique. This yellow high-low shirt takes that uniqueness to another level. From the front, this shirt is a midi shirt dress, while from the back it looks like a maxi shirt dress. Team this shirt dress with white lace pants and a light pink open toe ankle strap for a fun and creative look.

Blue multi-layer peplum high-low shirt with leather gaiters

blue multilayer peplum high low shirt leather leggings

This outfit is an interesting attempt that combines a feminine piece with a stylish piece. In detail, a blue multi-layer peplum high-low shirt is combined with black leather gaiters and black leather ankle boots. The result is surprisingly natural and looks good.

White embroidered high low shirt with slit

white embroidered high low shirt with slit

For a creative and youthful look, you can wear this white embroidered high-low shirt that looks very unique and girly. Pair it with blue ribbed cuffed jeans and black and white sneakers for that causal and stylish street look.

White chiffon shirt with denim shorts

white chiffon shirt denim shorts

This white chiffon high-low shirt has a tuxedo-style cut. From the front the shirt looks like a normal shirt, while from the back it looks like a midi shirt dress. Pair it with denim shorts and black ballerinas to look feminine and stylish at the same time.

Hope you enjoy the high-low shirt outfit ideas I put together for you. If you enjoy this blog post, chances are you enjoy reading about thousands of other outfit ideas. Check them out and have fun styling them.

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