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The interior of the cover

The interior of the cover

In a two-room apartment, Alexander Malinin and Anastasia Sheveleva created a studio space instead of having walls between living room, kitchen and dining room – the issue of zoning was decided using high open shelves. Light gray walls, natural wood flooring and wallpaper with simple soft print elements, Scandinavian style, on which the interior of the lid the entire interior is being built.

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: Living in the spirit of the northern countries chooses comfortable, functional furniture of simple shapes. Pay attention to the upholstery – it should be made of natural fabrics that are comfortable to touch. Elegant design and practical – two of the most important features of furniture in the style of Scandinavian modern. The store's main rule is: in small spaces, no extra parts. It is necessary to clean everything: jewelry, clothing and even possible, stationery folded into a special organizer.

Everything does it to make the space breathe and fill with light, which as a result is visually extended. But often there is the need for a bulky wardrobe there, it is easy to exchange some chests, shelves and clothes racks for clothes. And if we put a bed with drawers and open shelves – it will definitely not be less functional. Point X is about to come, and in your list of gifts isn't it worth even a single "plus"? To please loved ones, you do not have to run to the store and stand in line, just a mouse click and the gift is sent to you. If the situation is complicated by the fact that you have absolutely no idea what they want in the new year before your loved ones, there are universal gifts: a new felt, dishes in winter sweaters or decoration that will take pride of place on the Christmas tree. Act, like time to retreat anymore. In a big country husdesigner Hope Enikeeva has created a situation in the best British traditions. Bright living room with kitchen and dining area on the ground floor has a comfortable rest and welcomes visitors. The second floor is completely transformed into cozy bedrooms, but the attic has turned into a real male kingdom – with a private cinema and a cigar room. Comfortable chairs near the fireplace, a soft couch with a pile of pillows, light wood
the interior of the lid furniture, creates a cottage atmosphere in old old England.

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