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How To Wear Long Shirts

How To Wear Long Shirts

If you want to wear casual outfits for friends, don’t stick to just t-shirts, sweaters, and jeans. There is so much more you can do. Casual has nothing to do with boredom. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about the item that can spice up your casual outfit: the long shirts.

Long shirts are great for spring and autumn. In the meantime, you can also combine them with tube tops or crop tops, which also makes a perfect summer outfit. With different ways of styling it, you can make yourself look completely different, from feminine, boyish, playful to sexy. Let’s go over some of my favorite ways to wear a long shirt now.

Classic white long shirt and ripped jeans combination

plain long white shirt with jeans

This is a very classic way of wearing a white long shirt. Just combine it with ripped jeans and plain high heels. With a good selection of bags, I would say this outfit will make you look chic enough to turn into a business casual outfit.

White midi shirt dress

white midi shirt dress

Although it’s the same combination of white shirt and jeans, a longer midi shirt dress can make the outfit look completely different. In combination with jeans and a lighter bag, this outfit makes you look very feminine and adorable.

White long shirt for summer hot look

white long shirt over jeans

As mentioned earlier, a long shirt can also work wonderfully in the summer, especially if you don’t mind showing some skin. Just wear a white long shirt dress, leave the top 2 to 3 buttons open and combine it with black pants and sandals to bring out the sexy summer look.

Black striped long shirt with a tie

black striped tie around waist long shirt

To give your outfit more character, try a long black striped shirt with a tie around the waist instead of a white shirt. If you combine the shirt with eye-catching sunglasses and ripped jeans, it becomes a perfect spring outfit. This is a playful and slightly arrogant look that is great for girls just gathering together and shopping.

Striped maxi shirt dress with crop top

Maxi striped shirt dress tube top

A black striped long shirt belongs to this outfit idea. But this one is longer. It’s a maxi shirt dress. Check out how amazing it looks when you pair it with a short tube top. It’s just a great, low-key, and stylish way to dress sexy and casual.

Checked shirt with cardigan

plaid shirt with cardigan

A stylish way to play with layers is to wear a longer cardigan over a long plaid shirt. This trick of putting a longer layer on top of a long layer can make you look taller and leaner. It’s a very feminine and causal outfit that is perfect for causal eating. I really like this outfit idea because you can look really good and it looks like you are even trying.

White long shirt with black sweater

long white shirt with black sweater

For a more artistic look, you can try layering a perfectly fitting black sweater over a long white shirt. Pair them with ripped jeans and high heels to complete this classy looking, casual, elegant outfit. For an artistic occasion, wearing a black hat with this outfit is a perfect idea.

Denim shirt dress

Denim long shirt dress outfit

To look a lot softer and happier, let’s try a denim shirt dress. It looks wonderful whether you want to button your shirt or not. The key to this casual outfit is to keep the color warm and soft. Wear the denim shirt dress with a gray t-shirt and white jeans. A causal and stylish necklace can add a lot of character to the overall look.

Leather skirt over shirt dress

Leather skirt over a long shirt dress

This is a unique way of wearing a shirt dress. While I think it looks nice, you probably need a lot of confidence to pull off this outfit by wearing a leather skirt over a shirt dress. Fashion should be fun, but at the same time comfortable. This outfit idea is cool, but not for everyone. Let’s just leave it at that.

White shirt with black wide leg pants

white long shirt wide leg pants outfit

This is probably my favorite long dress idea on this list. When you pair a white long shirt with black wide leg pants, you just look stunning and really stand out from the rest. I know it’s a very easy combination, but the long shirt and wide leg pants go well together. It just works.

White shirt dress with colorful shoes

Boyfriend shirt dress

Don’t underestimate the fact that your shoes can add value to your outfit. Just wearing a white shirt dress can look a bit boring. Not when you combine it with brightly colored and playful shoes. And the black medium socks are very important too, there is the reason the shoes can really stand out.

Boho Style Long Shirt

long shirt outfit in boho style

I really love this summer boho look. If you are a big boho fan or if you are one of those lucky people who look amazing in boho outfits then this is the place for you. If you combine the boho long shirt with boho sandals, you look really charismatic and beautiful. Long, wavy hair definitely completes the look.

Now you see how much fun you can have with a long shirt. The best thing I like about long shirts is that they can look very casual but actually look a lot nicer and more eye-catching. And not only that, if you wear it correctly, it can also look bigger and slimmer. For me, a white long shirt and a black striped long shirt are a must have in your wardrobe. If you enjoy these outfit ideas, you are sure to enjoy my previous writing on the best outfit ideas for boyfriend shirts as well. We also have lots of different outfit ideas for different occasions and different seasons on this website. Our goal is to inspire you to have fun with fashion. I hope you like it.

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