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How To Wear Royal Blue

How To Wear Royal Blue

Royal blue is an interesting color that seems like a popular color, but you don’t see it often enough. You might think it’s too bright to look stylish. I claim that a light color can make you look more energetic and cheerful. To show you that you can wear royal blue and look beautiful, both casual and formal. I’ve put together some of my favorite outfit ideas, including royal blue dresses, skirts, jeans, and more. Let’s look at them now.

Long-sleeved royal blue dress with silver heels

long-sleeved royal blue dress silver heels

For a royal blue clothing outfit that is subtle enough to wear to either work or cocktail parties, try a long sleeved blue knee length dress. You can look more elegant by pairing the dress with silver heels.

High-waisted midi skirt in royal blue

high waisted midi shirt with royal blue skirt and polka dot shirt

Some people might think the royal blue is too light to wear casually. The truth is that not only can you wear it casually, but you will look cheerful and energetic too. This outfit is a perfect demonstration of how to wear it casually and adorable. Wear a white shirt with little blue dots and pair it with a high-waisted royal blue midi skirt. Wear a black belt and silver heels to complete this outfit that moves your waist up and makes you look taller.

Blue sweater over checked shirt

Skinny jeans with a blue sweater and checked shirt

Cheetah and royal blue look very beautiful and unique together. For example, you can wear a royal blue sweater over a plaid shirt. Combine them with skinny jeans and knee-high leather boots. As the cherry on top, wear a cheetah handbag to complete this chic outfit.

Blue blazer & pants

royal blue blazer and pants

If you have to wear a suit every day to work and you are absolutely bored with the seemingly limited selection of outfits, then you can try to address the problem by simply choosing a color that looks anything but boring. Simply combine the royal blue blazer and pants with a white button-up shirt. For the shoes, a pair of silver heels is a good choice as they go very well with the color of royal blue. Alternatively, a creative choice would be wearing pink and yellow platform heels.

White blouse with cropped trousers in royal blue

white blouse royal blue short cut trouser outfit

As a beautiful work outfit that is perfect for summer and spring, you can wear a semi-sheer white chiffon blouse with shorts in royal blue. Complete the elegant outfit with red heels and a long necklace.

White vest top with a high-waisted blue maxi skirt

Royal blue maxi skirt with a high waist

For a feminine casual look, just wear a white vest top with a high-waisted royal blue maxi skirt. Pair them with pink heels to complete the outfit. If you want to add character to the look, wear a faux pearl necklace and some thick silver bracelets.

Long royal blue cardigan

long royal blue cardigan fleece boots

I’ve always been a big fan of long cardigans as they always magically add value to your outfit. The magic even reaches another level when it appears in royal blue. Just wear a white button down shirt and black skinny jeans. Wear the eye-catching long royal blue cardigan and a pair of color-coordinated fleece boots.

Royal blue suit with white shirt with buttons

Royal blue suit white shirt with buttons

You can wear royal blue as a creative yet professional work outfit. Wear a royal blue suit and simply pair it with a white blouse with buttons. Instead of wearing a black suit all the time, this outfit is a gorgeous alternative. It may make you look less formal, but it can make people just see your confidence by wearing something bright and different.

Black vest top and short skinny jeans

Royal blue jeans black vest top

As spring arrives, occasionally replace your usual jeans with royal blue skinny jeans for a more refreshing and cheerful look. For example, if you want to wear them casually, just combine them with a black vest top and open heels.

Wear a white blouse with blue pants

white blouse royal blue pants cheetah purse

Here is another example of the perfectly matched combination of royal blue and cheetah. The outfit consists of a white blouse, royal blue trousers, pink heels and a cheetah handbag. This is such a simple and clean outfit that looks absolutely chic. It is appropriate to wear both to work and to meet friends.

Short-sleeved blue cocktail dress

short-sleeved royal blue cocktail dress outfit

Cocktail parties are simply an exciting time to play around with your fashion tastes and dress as beautifully as possible. Just do it for fun. In the meantime, there are times when you are just not in good shape and just want to be low key so as not to show too much skin. Don’t worry, try wearing a stunning color to make up for the lack of sexy cuts. A good choice is to wear a short-sleeved royal blue cocktail dress. You can just pair it with silver heels to spice up the look a little. Another choice of stunning color is yellow. If you want to know more, check out our blog post on how to wear a yellow cocktail dress.

Royal blue blazer with leather pants

royal blue blazer leather pants

Wear a royal blue blazer over a white shirt for a smart outfit. Combine these pieces with black leather pants and nude platform heels.

Blue knitted sweater with black leather mini skirt

blue knitted sweater black leather mini skirt

This is a minimalist and chic outfit that can make your legs look longer. Just wear a blue sweater with a black leather mini skirt and white heels. The long top and shirt bottom approach is a trick to visually lengthen the length of your legs.

Black leather jacket & jeans

royal blue jeans black leather jacket

A classic way to wear a black leather jacket to work is to pair it with a white shirt and skinny jeans. Just replace your usual jeans with royal blue skinny jeans to add a twist to this common outfit.

Royal blue jeans with a gray blouse and blazer

Royal blue jeans gray blazer outfit

Just wear the royal blue jeans with a light gray blazer and light pink heels for a classy, ​​casual work outfit that is softer in tone and looks more comfortable.

Here is the list of my favorite ways to wear the color royal blue. I strongly encourage you to try some of these outfit ideas. They can probably make you look more refreshing.

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