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How To Wear White Black Skort

How To Wear White Black Skort

You know from the spelling of “Skort” that it is a mixture of a skirt and shorts. However, the skort is nowhere near as popular. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good. In fact, I find the skort to look really good and stand out, especially the black and white. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you my favorite ways to style a white or black skort. Let’s look at them now.

White button-up shirt with black skort

black ski shirt with white collar

Let’s start with the black one. For a very simple and cute, casual, chic outfit, you can pair a high-waisted black skort with a short white shirt with buttons. It’s a good outfit idea, especially for junior employees, to wear to work.

Wear with White Vest Top

black skort white vest top

A slightly more mature work outfit is wearing the black skort with a white vest top. Wear black heels to complete the look. The outfit is almost like wearing the black pencil skirt with a little twist. So next time around, for an outfit that you used to wear with a black skirt, try wearing a black skort interchangeably.

Wear with a white crop top


This outfit is definitely not suitable for work but is perfect for casual summer hangouts. You can just wear a white crop top with the black skort and white heeled sandals. A skort can really spice up your usual summer outfits, so now you can sometimes replace your jean shorts.

Dress all black with black crop top

black vest top skort outfit

For fans of all black outfits, this is one that has been put together for you. It is another summer outfit idea that you can look sexy by wearing all black with a little bit of skin on your waistline. Simply combine the skort with a black crop top.

Wear with black t-shirt & sneakers

black t-shirt sneakers black skort

This look is probably the sportiest on the list, and it’s good for summer. It’s a minimal combination with a black t-shirt, black skort, and sneakers. Even though it’s an all black outfit, there is nothing dark about it. You will look energetic and athletic.

Black skort with white shoulder blouse

white off shoulder blouse black skort

We saw some ideas that look stylish or sporty. This outfit on hand is sexy and elegant. You can wear an off the shoulder white blouse with a black skort and black heeled sandals. You can argue that a black skirt can look just as good by replacing the skort. True, but it’s just fun to add some variety to your everyday outfit. Try it out especially for those of you who are bored with wearing the same thing every day.

Cold Shoulder Knotted Tee with black skort

cold shoulder knotted t-shirt black skort

Here is another summer outfit that you can use to look energetic. Wear a white cold shoulder print t-shirt and a black skort for this cheerful and young look. I would recommend wearing sandals with the outfit.

Wear with a white shirt and gray cardigan

gray cardigan white shirt black skort

This is a good demonstration of how layering can play a huge role in your outfit. Wear a black skort and a white shirt with a gray cardigan over it. Both sandals and solid heels go well with the outfit.

Wear it with a black sweater and leather jacket

black sweater leather jacket outfit

Interestingly, a black skort can be paired with a black leather jacket and it looks great. Simply wear the two items with a black sweater. Ankle boots go perfectly with the outfit.

Wear it with a white knit sweater

white knitted sweater black skort

This simple and neat outfit looks just right in terms of the combination of colors and cut. Additionally, I don’t think you can simply replace the skort with a skirt or jean shorts and look that great. I strongly recommend you try this outfit, which consists of the white sweater, a black skort and silver heels.

White skort with black sweater with white stripes

black and white striped sweater white skort

After sharing a lot of cool ideas for the black skort, it’s time to talk about the white one.
This outfit only looks slightly out of whack but still beautiful and unique. Combine the black sweater with thin horizontal white stripes with the white skort. Wear black or light pink heels on the shoes for the best result.

Wear with a green tank top

green tank top white skort

You might want to try this green outfit when spring comes. What makes the outfit so refreshing is the combination of a green tank top and a green wallet. Sometimes it’s the details that make the difference.

Wear with a white blazer

white blazer green top skort

The white blazer and white skort make a really good white-on-white outfit. If you’re interested in similar outfit ideas, be sure to check out my other blog post on white-on-white outfit ideas.

Wear with a gray shirt

white skort gray t-shirt necklace

This outfit is a great example of how accessories can turn a really casual outfit into a chic outfit. They just wear a gray t-shirt with a white skort. That looks okay, but doesn’t look anywhere near fancy. So add the silver heels, stylish long necklace, and watch. Now the outfit is complete and looks great.

Denim shirt with white snouts

Denim shirt white Snort heels

Here is another chic casual outfit for work. I know a lot of people who like to wear denim shirts to work. They look chic, professional and have more artistic depth than a plain shirt. The good news is that you can pair a denim shirt with a white skort and look wonderful.

Wear it with a striped t-shirt and black blazer


Wear a black and white horizontally striped t-shirt with a white skort and a black blazer for a casual street look. This is particularly suitable for artists and designers.

Here is the list of my favorite outfit ideas for white and black skorts. That doesn’t mean you have to go without your jean shorts or skirts, but try the skort and add variety to your everyday outfit for fun and beauty.

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