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Long Shirts And Leggings Outfits

Long Shirts And Leggings Outfits

There are so many ways to style a shirt for a woman. Today I’m going to answer a very interesting question about styling a shirt. The question is, what long shirts should you wear with leggings? To answer this question in an interesting and useful way, I’ve compiled a list of beautiful and stylish outfit ideas for long shirts and leggings. Now let me show you the interesting list that hopefully can help you grow your outfit game even further.

Light yellow button up long shirt with black leggings


After reading this blog post, you will find that a long shirt is best when it is part of a very simple outfit. For example, you can wear a light yellow long shirt with black leggings for a feminine and stylish look. Pair the pieces with black leather boots to make the outfit look even better.

White blouse with gray cardigan and black leggings

white blouse gray cardigan black leggings

When preparing for a winter or fall outfit, you can definitely wear a white shirt with black leggings. But you also need other parts to keep you warm. Wear the white shirt and leggings with a gray cardigan, plaid crepe scarf and brown leather knee high boots for a very stylish street look.

White long shirt with a short denim jacket

white long shirt short denim jacket

This is a very youthful and cozy way to combine a long shirt with leggings. To achieve this look, wear a cropped denim jacket with a long white shirt for the top. Wear them with black leggings and black suede boots to complete this stylish outfit. You will love this outfit as it looks great and is so easy to take off.

Chambray Belted Long Shirt with Leggings

long shirt gaiters with chambray belt

Here is a more elegant and professional outfit that you can wear to the office as a business casual outfit. The outfit consists of a chambray shirt with a long belt and black leggings. For the shoes, a pair of brown knee high boots would make the outfit look a lot more stylish.

White oversized button up shirt with black leggings

white oversized shirt with buttons and black leggings

So far I haven’t talked about the classic and timeless black and white outfit, and now it comes. Wear a white long buttoned shirt or just an oversized one. Pair it with black leggings and black ballet flats to complete this minimalist and artistic look.

Black leggings with chambray shirt & boat neck sweater

black leggings chambray shirt boat neck sweater

Here is a nice and cozy layered outfit. For the top, wear a chambray shirt and layer a gray boat neck knit sweater over the shirt and let the collar peek out. Pair them with black leggings and black and white canvas shoes for a simple yet remarkable look.

Long white chiffon shirt with black leggings

long white chiffon shirt black leggings

Here’s another classic black and white outfit. If you look carefully, this white shirt isn’t just another oversized shirt. It’s a long button down shirt with a slim fit that can make you look tall and slim. Pair it with black leggings and black sandals to look simple and casual.

Long shirt with silk tribal print and leggings

Silk trunk printed long shirt gaiters

Up to this point we looked at a pretty solid color long shirt. Now let’s look at a print to add some variety to this list. Here is a beautifully designed silk tribal long shirt. You can just pair it with black leggings and nude heeled sandals to look beautiful and unique.

Black and white vertical striped oversize shirt with leggings

black and white vertical striped oversized shirt leggings

To look more casual and relaxed, you can simply wear an oversized shirt as a long shirt to combine with leggings. For example, here is a black and white vertical striped boyfriend shirt paired with black leggings. Pair the outfit with black leather knee high boots to add a stylish touch to the overall look.

White shirt with half sleeves and black and red plaid leggings

white shirt with half sleeves, black and red plaid legggings

By now you should have realized how versatile the black leggings are. But if you want to see outfits that include other types of leggings, we have a really good one here. Here you can see the red and black plaid leggings. Pair them with a white long shirt and white pointy toe heels to complete the outfit in style.

White long buttonless shirt with a black felt hat

white long buttonless shirt black felt hat

For a glamorous and artistic look, you can wear a white buttonless shirt with a gray collar. Combine it with black leggings and silver pointy toe heels. Finally, add a black felt hat to the mixture for an artistic touch. If you’d like to see more outfits with similar hats, maybe check out our blog post on styling a black felt hat.

Chambray long shirt with black leather gaiters

Chambray long shirt black leather pants

For most of you who are boyfriend shirt lovers, you should already have a chambray boyfriend shirt in your wardrobe. Wear it with black leather leggings and black pointed toe pumps in a stylish and casual way. These are the type of outfits that are perfect for casual hangouts.

White oversized boyfriend shirt with black leggings

white oversized boyfriend shirt black leggings

This is a very typical white oversized boyfriend shirt. To create a minimal outfit, you can simply wear black leggings and black ballet flats. That’s it. It’s super simple yet classic.

Light pink polka dot blouse with dark blue leggings

Light pink poka dot blouse navy leggings

Here is a pale pink and red polka dot shirt with polka dots. Very different from other long shirts mentioned, this one is just gorgeous and girly. You can build a happy outfit around the shirt by wearing navy leggings and a pair of black ballet flats.

What I just showed you are some of the tips on how to wear a long shirt with leggings. Without question, there are outfits that almost everyone can wear. A good side effect of wearing a long shirt with leggings is that your legs look slimmer and longer.

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