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Pinafore Dress Outfit Ideas

Ever tired of dressing too professionally or too casually? In this blog post, I’m going to be talking about something that isn’t as formal as the pencil skirts you wear to work, nor is I going to talk about t-shirt and denim outfits that you wear when you’re not working . I’m going to talk about an absolutely beautiful item, the pinafore dress. One thing I really love about the pinafore dress is that it makes you look cute, but not the kind of cuteness that is reserved for a teen. Instead, it’s a stylish kind of cute. To give you some ideas on how to wear the tank dress, I’ve compiled a list of the best looking outfit ideas. Let’s dive right in.

Gray turtleneck with a black strap dress

gray turtleneck black pinafore dress
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Wear a gray turtleneck with a black tank dress for a ladylike and beautiful look. Pair these pieces with black suede knee high boots and a black handbag to complete this amazing outfit.

Black pinafore dress with black and white striped t-shirt

black pinafore dress black and white striped t-shirt
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For a casual street look, you can wear a black and white striped t-shirt with a black skater dress. To look absolutely casual and sporty, the white sneakers are the best shoes for this outfit. If you want to add a touch of elegance to the outfit, you can wear either nude heeled sandals or black loafers.

Black sweater with a gray strap dress

black sweater gray pinafore dress
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Here is a very unique and artistic outfit that includes a black felt hat. I know that the black felt hat has slowly and steadily moved towards the mainstream. I still feel like it’s not mentioned enough and that’s why I keep mentioning it all the time. Back to the outfit, to style the black felt hat you can wear it with a black sweater, gray pinafore dress and black heels.

White bow blouse with navy dress

white bow blouse navy dress outfit
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Very rarely would I describe a work outfit as both a professional looking outfit and a beautiful outfit, but that’s actually how I would describe this outfit. It’s amazing how adorable it looks when the white bow tie blouse and navy dress are put together. For the shoes, you can wear either black or pink heels to complete the outfit with a particularly feminine touch.

Black and white long-sleeved T-shirt with black denim pinafore dress

Black and white long-sleeved t-shirt made from denim dress
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Here is a very youthful and stylish outfit. It consists of a long-sleeved black and white striped T-shirt, a black denim dress and white sneakers. This is one of those magical outfits that can make you look young and that doesn’t make you look like you are trying very hard to look young.

Light gray turtleneck with a denim dress

light gray turtleneck denim dress
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Here is a nice casual outfit to wear in spring. It consists of a light gray turtleneck, a denim pinafore and black ankle boots. If you’d like to see more outfit ideas for similar boots, check out our blog post on styling leather boots.

Gray polka dot shirt with a burgundy pinafore dress

gray polka dot shirt, burgundy pinafore dress
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For an absolutely cute look, you should wear this unique and ladylike burgundy colored outfit. Just wear a gray polka dot shirt with a burgundy pinafore dress. Combine these pieces with black leggings and burgundy ballerinas. Creatively wear a black felt hat to add an artistic touch to the overall look. It is amazing to see how many pieces can be put together flawlessly.

White boho blouse with denim dress

white boho blouse denim dress
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This is a very interesting outfit that is seldom seen on the street. When I see this outfit I think of a picnic. This outfit looks so refreshing. It consists of a white boho-style blouse, a sky-blue denim pinafore dress, black Chelsea boots and a red felt hat.

White printed t-shirt with corduroy dress

white printed T-shirt corduroy dress
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Since a pinafore usually looks cute, let’s see how it looks together with a cartoon print t-shirt. It turns out that the result is pretty cool and playful. It’s exactly the type of outfit you’d want to wear when you just want to casually stop by a friend’s house. To achieve this lovely look, wear a cute t-shirt with a white print, a navy corduroy dress and white sneakers.

Denim shirt with Navy Belted Dress

Denim shirt navy blue dress with belt
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I’ve shown you a little earlier that a pinafore dress looks good with a white blouse. How about a dark blue strap dress with a belt and a denim button shirt this time? The result is equally good, if not better. Complete the outfit with a pair of cheetah loafers for a unique twist.

Black flower pinafore with strapless top

black flowery pinafore dress without shoulder top
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This is for sure the prettiest outfit on the list. It consists of a strapless black top and a black floral dress. Wearing these pieces with white sneakers would have resulted in a great looking outfit. Alternatively, you can slide the envelope further by wearing a pair of lemon yellow sandals.

Denim dress with black sweater and black felt hat

Denim dress black sweater felt hat
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I just never get tired of black felt hat outfits, especially when the hat is put together with a pinafore dress. They just go together perfectly. This outfit consists of a black sweater, a denim pinafore, black stockings, camel suede boots and the black felt hat.

Black dress with a gray shirt and yellow heels

black dress gray shirt yellow heels
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The use of yellow can add a magical touch to many outfits. For example, wear a black tank dress over a gray button-up shirt. Pair them with yellow ballerinas and a yellow clutch to easily take this outfit to another level.

Black dress with gray leggings and knee-high boots

black dress gray leggings knee high boots
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For a reserved and beautiful fall look, you can wear a gray sweater with a black pinafore dress. A pair of gray leggings, leather mid-calf boots and a sleek gray knit hat are the glue that will bring this outfit together.

White sweater with high neckline and black printed strappy skater dress

white high-necked sweater, black printed strap skater dress
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For a cute black and white look, you can wear a white turtleneck with a black printed pinafore dress. A pair of black leather ankle boots will bring this outfit together in style.

Here are the lovely tank dress ideas that I want to share with you. They are extremely easy to pull off. Let’s try them on and have fun styling them.

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