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Playing Rooms For Children

Playing Rooms For Children

Competent zoning, the choice of environmentally friendly finishing materials, inexpensive furniture with conversion function and the speed of textiles have become the main principles for working with Nice games room for your children. The whole mess was a breeze, in an atmosphere of joy while waiting for the child, in a close and fruitful interaction between the expectant mother and the decorator, by the way, mothers of three children.

“When customers come back is always nice, but especially nice when they come back with fantastic news. What better news is that the family will soon be a small child? Exactly the news I informed my client and asked me to come and discuss all the information that lies ahead for mom and newborn baby from the hospital, ”recalls the beginning of the project.

As a result, it was decided to turn the nursery into one of the guest rooms houses in the suburbs. Needed to create a comfortable and comfortable space for newborn girl, where she will spend her first months of life.
“Together with the customer we discussed all the functionality associated with care newborn babiesand based on the fact that they arranged three main areas in the room, says Eugene.

So in the nursery: an area for baby where is the crib and shift cushion, weighing, storage and care items; dining area, where the mother and child can sit comfortably; the sleeping place for the child girl her presence in your child's room was planned from the earliest days.

Zoning children

“Zone children need to think about the special with the growth and development of the child, without any major effort and cost in the future, there could be necessary changes. During breastfeeding, the area will become a zone with educational gamesand then to the work area, where you will do your homework ”.
After defining functionality and zoning, the designer and customer discussed the nuances of rework and concluded that the only thing that will remain unchanged is oak flooring, which is matte flooring throughout Nice games room for your children.

"Conclusions on adjusting lighting and placement of electrical outlets, we tackled the walls," says the decorator. To mark the area with sleeping Babes, the wall on which a cot, plastered English wallpaper. furniture.

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