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Rustic Christmas Decoration Ideas

Rustic Christmas Decoration Ideas

Rustic Christmas decorations are yet another style to celebrate Christmas. The tradition of decorating evergreen began with the pious German Christians since the 16th century. Today, real fir or pine trees, artificial trees and handmade trees are used to decorate homes. In addition to decorating trees, people also use colorful wreaths and other Christmas and / or winter items. In general, all family members are bound at home during the holidays to celebrate Christmas together in the same place. Rustic Christmas decoration is a special method to make your home warm and inviting for this Christmas. Here are some interesting ideas you can use to decorate your home for Christmas this year.

{1} Simple fireplace Rustic Christmas decoration

Simple fireplace with rustic Christmas decoration
Above the mantle you can place a wreath of evergreen pine leaves. On the sheath you can alternately place several thick candles, some in silver candle stands and fresh evergreen leaves. You can hang white colored hand knitted wool socks from the jacket. Over the mantle you can hang greeting Merry Christmas written in Hebrew. You can have light burning in the fireplace.

{2} Rustic Snowman Christmas Display

Rustic snowman Christmas display
You can create more than one snowman with white cotton wool. You can use brown colored caps on which you can place several acorns and pine leaves. You can also add some white cotton wool to their caps. Make the noses with orange colored material and their eyes with round black buttons. You can tie twigs around your neck. At the base you can attach more acorns. Place the snowman on evergreen leaves or on your Christmas tree.

{3} Neutral Living Room Rustic Decor

Neutral living room Rustic decor
On top of the mantle, you can place a white painting of a reindeer against a brown board. On either side you can place white colored Christmas trees and Santa Claus. In the jacket you can hang three white colored hand socks. You can create a conical shaped Christmas tree and decorate it with brown colored ribbon from top to bottom. Alternate it with handmade white colored decorations such as white balls, icicles and brown flowers.

{4} Rustic Glam Christmas Tree Decor

Rustic glam Christmas tree decoration
You can decorate your evergreen Christmas tree with hanging silver colored stars, icicles, balls and flowers. You can also switch brown and white ribbon from top to bottom. Purple also small yellow lights around the tree. You can place a frilled mat or arrange a wide cloth on the floor. On this mat you can place gifts wrapped in brown paper tied with a white ribbon in a bow.

{5} Elegant Rustic Christmas Table Decor

Elegant Rustic Christmas Table Decor
Use white chalk on the board to draw a Christmas tree, gifts and write "Merry Christmas." Place it on top of a desk and place two small evergreen trees in pots on both sides. You can also place a red toy car. Above the board you place three wreaths for Noel, Peace, Joy. Place a colorful Santa, a pair of skates on the old lantern on the floor. On the lower shelf you can place a pillow with embroidered JOY. Also place a brown bag with Merry Christmas written in red next to it.

Everyone will appreciate your hard work on the table, which is why you can check out some of the cool rustic Christmas table settings here.

{6} Cozy rustic Christmas window decor

Cozy rustic Christmas window decor
You can decorate the room where you look at the winter forest. On one side you can place a basket of live pine trees decorated with small candles. On the white wooden table you can place two lamps of different sizes with thick white lights. In connection with these you can place some evergreen leaves. You can also place evergreen leaves in a pot on the same table.

{7} Rustic Christmas table decor

Rustic Christmas table decor
Rustic and natural Christmas table setting By Kristina Bessolova / Shutterstock
Opposite the dining table you can place a wreath of evergreen leaves. Next to it in a corner of the room you can place a Christmas tree. You can decorate your tree with silver bells and small yellow lights. On the table you can arrange two rows of thick white candles. Next to these candles you can also place some evergreen leaves. You can use cross sections of logs instead of using placemats.

{8} Entryway Rustic Christmas Decoration

Entryway Rustic Christmas Decoration
On the corridor you can hang a black and white scarf from the coat hangers. On the wooden bench under the coat hanger you can place a pillow with a lid that indicates comfort and joy. On another coat hanger you can hang two strings of circular whiteboards with letters. After the display these should read GOOD CHRISTMAS. Below you can place a Christmas tree with small yellow lights. Place boots next to the tree.

{9} Wreath On The Coat Rustic Decor

Wreath On The Mantle Rustic Decor
You can create a wreath with evergreen leaves, acorns, cones and twigs. You can place a window frame on top of a white wooden table. Make sure the frame is leaning against the wall so that it can withstand the weight of the wreath. Use a white colored cloth to tie the wreath to the window frame. During this you can place some acorns, a bird in a nest that sits on a cup and a few red balls.

{10} Fancy Rustic Christmas Tree Decor

Fancy Rustic Christmas Tree Decor
You can place your decorated Christmas tree next to the fireplace in the living room. Above the mantle, you can place a matching green wreath with similar decorations. On the mantle you can place two small artificial Christmas trees, two reindeer – one standing and another sitting. You can place some green decorations hanging from the mantle. Below you can place a sitting reindeer who admires a pothole full of evergreen leaves.

{11} Natural Rustic Entrance Staircase Decor

Natural rustic entrance staircase
You can place evergreen leaves on the railing of your stairs. You can use a wide brown band to tie around wooden railings. At regular intervals, use the tape to tie a huge bow to attach the evergreen leaves. At the bottom of the stairs you can place pillows with Christmas motifs on the bench. You can leave a basket full of wrapping paper and a pair of red gumboots.

{12} Rustic Woodland Christmas Cloak

Rustic Woodland Christmas Cloak
At the top of the mantle you can place a huge wooden board with the word "JOY" written on it. On one side you can place a reindeer that looks up. Place two small Christmas trees on each side of the board. In front of the board you can place Holly with red berries in 5 transparent jars. Also add some acorns. In the jacket you can hang white socks with green and red Christmas decorations.

{13} Dining Room Rustic wreath decor

Dining room Rustic wreath decor
You can hang different types of many wreaths on the wall. On the outside near the window you can place your Christmas tree decorated with acorns only. On the dining table you can place some small evergreen trees. You can place these in different shaped brown bags made of cloth and thread. Next to these are placed evergreen leaves, acorns and decorative silver balls.

{14} Christmas lights Rustic patio decor

Christmas lights Rustic patio decor
In your porch on one side you can place your Christmas tree with small lights. You can place gifts wrapped in decorated paper on the floor next to the tree. You can use three wire balls filled with small yellow lights and place them in a triangle next to the tree.

{15} Winter Wonderland Rustic dining table

Rustic dining table for winter wonderland
Create two wreaths with acorns. Attach these to the back of the chair with a bow of red-white striped cloth / wide band. Once you have laid the table with gold-glazed wine glasses, you can use matching golden napkin holders. On the sideboard you can place a blackboard with white fonts including PEACE. In front of the board you can arrange some evergreen leaves. Adjacent to the board you can put a small evergreen tree or branches.

{16} Farmhouse Cottage Rustic Christmas decoration

Farmhouse Cottage Rustic Christmas Decor
In one corner of the room, place a cane with a lid. In it you place your decorated Christmas tree with small balls and small candles. Make an evergreen wreath to hang on the door. Spray some white paint to resemble light snow lying on them. Next to the tree you can use a wreath of small silver and golden balls and hang it around a large object like a pendulum clock.

{17} Christmas Front Porch Rustic Decor

Rustic Christmas tree decor
Place a small Christmas tree in a corner of the porch. Decorate it with white colored stars, icicles and acorns. Also fast some Holly leaves with red berries around the tree. Place some evergreen leaves and acorns in front of the tree. Place a lantern next to the tree. Place a green bag filled with evergreen leaves on the other side of the tree. Place above a red-colored container filled with evergreen leaves and red berries.

{18} Rustic burlap wreath decor by DIY

DIY Rustic Burlap Wreath Decor
You can create a wreath with layers of brown-colored cloth similar to brown sacks. Attach the wreath with brown-colored strings to your front door. Create "Welcome" sign with rectangular black paper with white border and writing. Attach this to the wreath with a red ribbon. Attach some evergreen leaves with a red ribbon on the wreath. To this wreath you can attach four stars of the same size – the options red and white.

{19} Woodland Rustic Christmas Table Decor

Woodland Rustic Christmas Table Decor
Christmas Woodland Table Display By Jeanette Dietl / Shutterstock
You can use hard board or wood to cut a Christmas tree and two reindeer. On a side table top you can place some white cotton wool that illustrates snow. Place the Christmas tree on one side and place acorns. On the other hand, you can place the handmade reindeer against the tree and a pinecone. In the middle you place an ancient lantern with a thick white light.

{20} Alternative rustic Christmas tree

Alternative rural Christmas tree
Create your homemade Christmas tree with different wooden planks of different sizes. Use the longest plank to make the tree trunk and leave one foot free. Make sure you keep the same distance between each plank. Attach at the bottom at the bottom and the shortest at the top. The tree should look like a triangle. On top you can place a wooden star by David. Decorate the tree with white paper cuttings (balls, Santa Claus, icicles, candies and owl). On the floor you can place gifts wrapped in colorful paper.

{21} Scandinavian Minimal Rustic Christmas

Scandinavian Minimal Rustic Christmas
Against the wall you can hang white doves for peace. Above the mantle, you make a Star of David with small electric lights. Place some evergreen leaves and candles on the mantle. Then, to the fireplace, decorate the tree with white paper cutting of pigeons and small Christmas trees. Also place gold colored decorations. Spray white paint to give the impression of light snow. Place gifts in brown paper and white ribbons on the floor.

{22} Farmhouse Christmas Tree Neutral Decor

Farmhouse Christmas Tree Neutral Decor
Place a big big brown star by David. Decorate the rest of the Christmas tree in vertical brown and white. You can hang brown colored cloth or wide band from top to bottom. Exposed regions that you can decorate with white and silver balls and acorns. Randomly you can place some handmade brown colored flowers in different sizes. Next to the tree, on a table top, you can view the holy family. In front of the tree you can leave a pillow with reindeer and gifts.

{23} Christmas Sign Rustic Mantle Decor

Christmas sign Rustic mantle decor
You can use large boards / wood layers to cut out the letters "J" "O" "Y." Paint all letters in white to decorate the mantle. Make four decorative clusters. You can use pine leaves, holly with red berries and a decorative artificial white icing. Alternate one of these clusters with each of the prepared letters. You can arrange the decorations vertically inclined each letter.

{24} Rustic Christmas Table Centerpiece

Rustic Christmas table centerpiece
At the top of the center table you can place a wooden tool in two layers. On the top level you can place white reindeer and handmade balls. On one side you can also place a container with a small evergreen tree. On the lower level you can place white reindeer and some handmade balls. You can also place a small black paper bag and write "Happy Holidays" in white. The handmade balls can be made of wool and / or yarn.

{25} Mini Christmas Tree Rustic Centerpiece

Mini Christmas Tree Rustic Centerpiece
Christmas centerpiece with fir branches, cranberries and cinnamon By Belokoni Dmitri / Shutterstock
With wood you can create a handmade Christmas tree. You can make a wooden sticker with a carving of reindeer and Christmas tree. Bake Christmas trees and heart shaped cookies and ginger bread.

Place the tree and tumbler on the table top covered with a white cloth. Between these objects you place longitudinally cut wood with bark. Place evergreen leaves, acorns and artificial icicles near the tree. Place baked delicacies and cinnamon sticks in front of the decoration.

{26} Snowman Wreath Rustic Christmas Decor

Snowman wreath Rustic Christmas decor
Using dark brown twigs, two rounded wreaths of different sizes are created. Attach the smaller one to the other with a red-green checkered cloth resembling a scarf. Paste a red colored hat on an oblique on the top wreath. Decorate this hat with a strip of scarf material and black colored Holly leaves. Paste a pair of gloves into the bottom garland that represents the hands. Eventually hang the handmade snowman at your front door.

{27} Driftwood Christmas Tree Decoration

Driftwood Christmas Tree Decoration
You can create a hanging tree with light weight driftwood. Once you've hung David's silver star on the top, you can hang the shortest to the longest branches. You can secure them with yarn or strong strings that can withstand weight. Eventually, your tree should look like a triangle. Hang all silver decorations including icicles, rings, stars, balls and hearts. You can place some gifts wrapped in silver. You can leave around some silver balls.

{28} Simple Kitchen Rustic Christmas Decoration

Simple kitchen Rustic Christmas decoration
You can use silver bands to attach a wreath with twigs and acorns. You can place this wreath hanging from the top cabinet above the stove. Place a black and white striped dishcloth on the oven handle. Next to the fireplace you can place a small branch of an evergreen tree in a container. On the side you can place a matching sock filled with evergreen leaves. You can use your matching coffee mugs.

{29} Elegant Christmas table centerpiece

Elegant Christmas table centerpiece
Paint the edges of some gathered acorns for decoration. Place a white tray on the table top. Add a stack of square white dishes and fill the top with two painted acorns. Next to these you place a bundle with two large large brown bowls. Place another stack of three white bowls on the brown. Fill the top white bowl with painted acorns. You can place one of the acorns on the table top. Place a Christmas tree tied in a brown bag on either side of the tray.

{30} Stairs Rustic Wreath Garlands Decor

Staircase Rustic Wreath Garlands Decor
Attached thick grouped evergreen leaves with greenish golden broadband. Tie this to three main points on your stairs – bottom, middle and top. When you attach the decoration to the bottom, let it hang to reach the floor. You can create three or more wreaths with acorns and the same ribbon. Fix your special wreath on the three prominent points of the stairs. Let woven evergreen decorations hang loosely from these points.

{31} Rustic country style fireplace décor

Country style Rustic fireplace decor
Create a wreath created with evergreen leaves, acorns, artificial icicles and brown worm cloth. Attach this above the casing. Place two brown sacks containing Christmas trees on each side. Place standing white icicles in front. Make a string of light brown flags with white letters “J” “O” “Y” and hang it from the mantle. This should read JOY three times at blank intervals. In the stove you can place a container filled with evergreen leaves and white icicles.

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