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Simple Interior Design Alexander Drive

Simple Interior Design Alexander Drive Residence

Simple decor since she began her Dallas career, Marci Barnes has effectively seen himself as one of Dallas' most skilled and adaptable planners.

The large entrance

Entrance wooden floors and furniture
Looks beautiful with large lounge and bundles of jars, with a large curtain at the entrance, large painting on the entrance table or table. There are some relaxing chairs with printed pillows there for visitors and at home. Small white lamps give a surprising look in both dark and light hours.


stairs with carpet and wood
Absolutely spread their bland in a home with burlap material on it. Collection of photo frames that look fantastic on the white wall. The combination of walnut color in white creates unity in the home.

Sofa & wall

Mural Ideas behind the sofa
The large cupboard that spreads the view over the living room with gray sofa and muffin-shaped small table gives the perfect structure. And reddish printed pillows shining on the sofa. Glitter like painting shining on the wall with two hanging lights.
Living Room Couch
Group of creamiest white colored sofa set with good space for fireplace which makes the scene calm and peaceful Beautiful painting on the wall steals the heart. Greatly described their living room with patience and colors.

Kitchen & dining room

Dining room simple decor

Kitchen with wooden dining table hanging lamp
The breathtaking view of the dining area gives a feeling of vintage time with a hanger of light in the ceiling and wood-carved chairs with the large size pot on the dining table. And the simple type of food plates. The walls are painted with royal white paint and the ceiling shines gracefully in it.

Chair and fireplace

Living room simple decoration chair near fireplace
The pink red relaxing chair looks in this scenario with a small rounded mirror. The fantastic printed colored tiles make the fireplace excellent. There are kind of small vases on the stove.


Ideas for decorating the master bedroom

Bedroom bed with curtains

Bedroom Bed Curtains
The entire bedroom is decorated with a white theme. The ceiling is the wood type with colored paint. The bed looks fantastic with a brown pillow. There are sofas to relax in the room and create fruitful bedrooms.


Marble floor Bathroom design

Marble floors around the tub
The bathroom painted with white paint and fully organized with towel cabinets and two dressing tables. The white marble bath adds greatness. This is a best and simple interior design concept. The hanging lights give the royalist look. And white-based floors increase the brightness of the bathroom.

Living room

Simple Interior Ideas Living Room

Living room rugs Decoration ideas
The living room is fantastically described with a printed living room and transparent glass table in between. The nice colorful sofa set is surprisingly looks bright in that scenario. A small preference is to create hanging candles that light in it.

Printed wall

Wall decal for bathroom
The pool is sweetly decorated with painted walls, and copper-plated washbasin with both sides artificial lights with glowing scenario. And roughly carved furniture on the pool.

Children's room & window seat

Blue bedroom with orange touch
The combination of dark and mild color always shows the look to its longest level. In their green and navy combination, it increases the brightness of the room. Colorful pillows show their perfection of decoration.
Ideas for decor of blue and red bedroom

Blue And Green Mix Child Bedroom With Window Space
The whole theme is based on the American flag. Ceilings and walls look fantastic with a combination of gray and white color. The lounge is very bright in this combination. The boxes of printed curtains look excellent in the scenario.

Bathroom vanity

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets
The washbasin area is completely painted with graphite paint and with the creamiest white-colored washbasin and square mirror looks fantastic.

Vertical bathroom

Vertical bathroom decor ideas
An all white bathroom with a small wonderful bathroom and rounded mirror gives incredible appearance. Just like the simple interior design example. With less decoration makes a lot of beauty.


Red sofa with white pillows
Red sofa set gives the high atmosphere in the living room. Vintage-type tables are spread in this scenario with American flaggrams.

brick Floor

Brick storage room
The wardrobe is area; you can place anything you want to add. The bags hang in a certain way, there is a separate section for each member of the house to place their items.


Tile floor white simple interior
The royal type washbasin looks best in the simple form of interior with white furniture. Glow the entire area in the wash basin. The oldest light hanging in the center of the roof area gives a sweet look.

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