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Tutu Dress Outfit Ideas

Tutu Dress Outfit Ideas

If you want to look refreshing and beautiful, the tutu dress is a great option. You might think the tutu dress is for kids at first, but after looking through this blog post you should be able to see that there are many ways to style it beautifully and naturally. To better show you how to style it, I’ve rounded up some of the best tutu outfit ideas for you. Now let’s dive in.

Black, long-sleeved, two-tone midi tutu dress made of lace and tulle


Let me start this list of lovely outfit ideas with a mellow, elegant, and balanced outfit. To shape this outfit, you can wear a black two-tone midi tutu dress with long sleeves with the top made of lace and the bottom made of tulle. Wear a pair of black pointed toe suede heels to complete your look.

Black deep tutu dress with a deep V-neckline and ruffles


This is a very unique and creatively designed dress. It is a black lace long-sleeved mini hangover dress with a deep V-neckline and several layers of ruffle hem. The hem is issued so that the dress is a tutu dress. Team the dress with a black open toe ankle strap to look elegant and slim.

Black half-neck tutu dress with a halter neckline

black halter neck mini semi-sheer tutu dress

For those of you who have nice shoulders and collarbones, and even better if you have nice curves in your upper body, this dress is made especially for you. It is a black semi-transparent mini tutu dress. Pair it with black pointy toe heels to finish off the outfit neatly.

White two-piece knee-length tutu dress

white two-piece knee-length tutu dress

For those of you who have struggled to get a slim waist, this two-piece dress is a great way to show off your result a little. The dress consists of a white top with spaghetti straps and a knee-length tutu skirt. Combine them with neon pink ballerinas to look even more ladylike and attractive.

Black semi-sheer sequin and tulle mini tutu dress

black semi-transparent mini tutu dress made of sequins and tulle

This is a very simple outfit that is filled with some nifty details. The top part of the dress is filled with sequins and has a semi-sheer design, while the bottom part is basically a tulle mini skirt. Wear black ballerinas to look more elegant and beautiful.

Black mini dress with a deep V-neckline and a flared belt

black mini dress with deep V-neckline and flared belt

This is a very rare tutu outfit that looks pretty cool and dark. To achieve this look, you can wear a black mini tutu dress with a deep V neckline. Pair it with a black felt hat and wear a black leather jacket for a stylish touch. Wear black leather ankle boots with your shoes to complete the look.

Black Lace Fit and Flare Mini Tutu Dress

black lace fit and flare mini tutu dress

This is a very natural looking black tutu mini dress. It is a bodycon mini dress that is filled with lace details. If you wear a pair of black ballet flats for the shoes, this outfit looks very minimalist and elegant.

Pink sweetheart neckline tutu mini dress

pink sweetheart neckline tutu mini dress

Not only is this outfit extremely sexy, its use of the neon pink color also makes it a super eye-catching outfit. To shape this cocktail party outfit, you can wear this pink tutu mini dress with a sweetheart neckline, the top part of which is filled with pink and white printed details. Wear pink heels that go perfectly with the dress.

Black spaghetti straps mini chiffon dress


Here is a dress that is much easier to take off. Indeed, for those of you who don’t want to look too high profile but still want to look beautiful, this is the type of dress you should be looking for. It’s a black mini tutu dress with a spaghetti strap. A pair of black ballerina shoes is a great way to finish off your outfit.

Blush Pink Lace Tutu Midi Dress with Belt

blush pink lace tutu midi dress with belt

This is a ladylike and mature looking two tone pink dress with the upper part being a long sleeved lace top and the lower part being a tutu midi skirt. There is a black belt that makes your waistline appear more prominent. Wear black open-toe gladiator heels for the shoes for a chic finish.

Black keyhole halterneck dress with a halterneck neckline

black keyhole neckholder dress with neckholder in front

To look sexy and minimalist, try this black halter neck mini tutu dress that has a long keyhole detail that makes this outfit very eye-catching and attractive. You can easily pair the dress with black open toe heels with ankle straps to keep the outfit minimal.

Black strapless tulle midi dress with leather cover


This tutu dress with leather elements is perfect for looking elegant and slightly powerful. In detail it is a black strapless tutu midi dress with belt and black leather cover. Wear a black handbag and a pair of black ballet flats to complete this beautiful and jet black look.

White two-piece midi tutu dress with silver heels

white two-piece midi tutu dress with silver heels

This is a white tutu dress that looks almost like a wedding dress. It may not be formal enough to be considered the actual wedding dress you will wear to the wedding, but it is certainly beautiful enough to be worn as one of the dresses in your pre-wedding photo shoot. In detail, the dress is a white two-piece midi tutu dress, with the upper part being a short-sleeved, figure-hugging lace top with a V-neckline. Wear a silver ankle strap with open toes to add a chic touch to the look.

Black two-piece midi tutu dress with a fit and flare

black two-piece midi tutu dress with fit and flare

As you can see from the previous outfit, a white two-piece tutu dress can look pretty amazing. For this outfit it’s a black one, it can look just as good. Show off your slim waist a little with this black fit and flare tutu dress two-piece. Pair the dress with light pink heels to complete the outfit.

Hope you enjoy the tutu outfit ideas mentioned above. Hopefully these outfits will help you look great and stand out from the crowd for your next party or event.

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