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How To Wear Black Lace Skirt

How To Wear Black Lace Skirt

Sometimes you just want a few extra details in your skirt that can bring out a more sophisticated character in you. In this case, a black lace skirt can just do it. They come in many different shapes, such as mini skirts, midi skirts, and maxi skirts. Since you don’t actually see people wearing black lace skirts, you may be wondering which top or jacket to wear with a black lace skirt. Don’t worry, answering these questions is basically the only purpose of the blog post. Let’s check out some of the best black lace skirt outfit ideas I’ve put together for you.

Black midi lace skirt and gray V-neck sweater

black midi lace skirt gray sweater

I’ll start the list with a really interesting list that includes a pair of lovely knee high boots. For the top, you can wear a sweater with a neckline. Then wear a black midi lace skirt. Note that the inner layer of the skirt is actually a mini dress and the outer lace layer is a midi dress. That is why the part of the dress that is below the knees is semi-transparent and shows the knee-high boots. Wear a black statement necklace to match the lace dress and add an extra touch of elegance to the look.

Maxi lace skirt with black sweater


For a sleek and wise all-black look, you can wear a maxi lace skirt with a black bodycon sweater. Add black ballerina shoes to this minimal outfit.

Wear with a White Tie Waist Blazer

knee-length lace skirt with white tie and waist blazer

For a creative yet professional-looking work outfit, you can combine a black lace skirt with a white blazer with a tie. For the shoes you can simply wear bare heels or black strappy sandals.

White button-up shirt with a high-waisted lace skirt

white button up shirt with high waist lace skirt

For a chic work outfit, you can wear a figure-hugging white shirt with buttons and a knee-length black lace skirt. Nude heels would go perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

Black tie waist blouse & lace midi skirt

black tie waist blouse midi black lace skirt

As another feminine work outfit, you can wear a midi lace skirt with a black blouse with a tie. Wear black heels to complete the look.

Maxi lace dress with a black crew neck sweater

Maxi lace dress black sweater with round neckline

If you prefer a flat look and still want the elegance of lace, you can wear a black maxi dress with a crew neck sweater. Keep the look minimal by wearing color-coordinated black strappy heels.

Black shirt with buttons and mini skirt

black mini lace skirt shirt with buttons

While white button up shirts are often easier to style, you can actually wear a black one and look your best by pairing it with a black mini lace skirt. For the shoes, I would choose either black sandals or light pink heels.

White vest top and airy maxi lace skirt

white vest top airy maxi lace dress

This outfit is so simple and airy compared to the rest of the list. This is my favorite outfit on the list because it’s rare to see a lace skirt wear that airy. You just wear the black maxi lace skirt with a white vest top. The strappy sandals are so important in keeping the light and simple look constant.

Wear it with a black leather jacket

black knee-length lace skirt made of leather jacket

It’s interesting that when you pair a lace dress with something dark that looks like a black leather jacket, the outfit still looks very feminine without the dark side taking control. This unique outfit consists of a white t-shirt, a black leather moto jacket, a knee-length lace skirt and black platform heels.

Wear with a cream colored top with lace sleeves

cream-colored lace skirt with a high waist

For an absolutely feminine look, you can combine a lace dress with a top that also has a lace element. For example, this outfit consists of a cream colored sweater with lace sleeves for the top and a high waisted lace skirt and bare heels for the bottom. Not only is the color combination beautiful for this outfit, the figure-hugging top and the high-waisted flared skirt also make you look tall and slim.

Wear with Black Crop Top

Crop top maxi black dress

What’s a sexy way to style a high-waisted black lace skirt? Just wear it with a black crop top that exposes half an inch of your upper abdomen. A pair of black open-toed suede heels would go pretty well with the outfit.

Black lace skirt with a round neckline

Knitted sweater with a black lace skirt

Here’s another outfit idea that includes a high-waisted skirt, but this time it’s a mini skirt. For the top, wear a black crew-neck knit sweater. Then combine it with a high-waisted flare mini skirt. That should be able to visually move your waist up to make you look slim and tall. For a more elegant look, you can wear black strappy sandals. If you prefer to dress more casually, you can wear black slippers as shown in the picture.

Wear it with a short long sleeve sweater

short-cut long-sleeved sweater, lace skirt

This is another outfit that includes the black crop top, but due to the difference in cut and shoe choices, this outfit is actually a good outfit for power dressing. For the top, wear a long sleeve black crop top. Pair it with a high-waisted black midi lace skirt. Complete the outfit with power by wearing solid black heels.

I hope that by now you have realized that you can actually incorporate black lace skirts as part of your daily outfit ideas. The black lace skirt is definitely one of those things that is just a little bit difficult to style. I’ll go so far as to say that it is easy to look awkward if you don’t style it right. So I’ve compiled the list so you can use it as a reference. Finally, you need to develop your self-assessment skills. You need to be able to look in the mirror and tell yourself honestly whether it is working or not. Once you develop that skill, there are tons of fun things to play with with your outfit ideas.

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