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Very effective way of scenting bed linen

Very effective way of scenting bed linen

Sharp white linen is not just in advertising. Let objects soak in warm water with detergent, crushed dishwasher tablets and bleach. You will be pleasantly surprised by the result of washing in the mixture of detergent. Instead of fabric softener with unnatural odor, use a simple and very effective way to smell bed linen: add lemon juice to the detergent in the laundry and very effective way to smell bed linen. It gives your garment that extra freshness.

Colored things lost their brightness? To get them juicy shades, add a cup of salt when washing. Make no mistake: on a busy street you have seen far away.

But keeping a rich black color helps brew coffee or strong tea. Add the cooled drink to the rinse cycle. Caffeine will return clothes deep black in color and give you a cost of vivacity throughout the day. Dirty white shirt? Forget the stain remover: treat the stain with vinegar and baking powder, then wash the shirt in the washing machine. Now I can safely carry it at a restaurant or at a picnic – after all no places, you are no longer scary.

Jackets, jackets and duvets laundry, along with three tennis balls. They do not allow fluff to be rolled, and when rinsing will clear things from the remnants of detergent.

Wash the clothes better at 30 ° C. After washing in this position, it goes more carefully and carefully relation to thingsthus extending their lives. At low temperatures, the tissues are not lost, which means you will be immune to surprises with painted things.

Your washing machine must also be cleaned

. Ride a bicycle several times a year with warm water mixed with white vinegar. Will be good as new! Get ready for the snow in January and make your shoes waterproof. To do this, gently brush it along the joints with castor oil. You can buy it at the hardware store or pharmacy.

And for traces of water and snow do not stain the hall, fill the lid underneath shoebox with very effective way to smell bed linen small stones and use it as a rack for shoes during bad weather. The stones are in the forest or bring their villas.

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