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White Blazer Dress Style Guide

White Blazer Dress Style Guide

Blazers are one of the most important pieces of clothing in your closet. It works perfectly with everything and you can wear it for years. It is simply one of those pieces of clothing that you will never get bored of.
If you’re wondering what dress to wear tonight, I may have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you try a white blazer dress? Confused? Surprised? Don’t be – I’ll show you everything you need to know.

The blazer dress is simply a single-breasted or double-breasted blazer that you can style as a new dress. You should choose oversized and longer ones that can look polished and chic.
If you need inspiration to create the hottest outfit that is so stylish right now, don’t worry because I’ve prepared loads of outfit ideas for wearing a white blazer dress. Let’s check it out together.

Asymmetrical white blazer dress

white blazer dress asymmetrical
This outfit shows us how you can look really great with minimal effort. The white blazer dress has an asymmetrical cut, which makes it very interesting, but also very chic. This girl went for discreet makeup and put her hair back so she could show off her neckline. A briefcase is an excellent choice for this outfit combination.

Polished blazer dress in two colors

white blazer dress two colors
Christine Centenera wears this wonderful and chic, bespoke dress like a pro! The white blazer dress has a black collar while the rest of the dress is white. She decided to style her hair in a bun and put on sunglasses for an ultra chic look. You can wear this dress with heels or ankle boots.

Blazer jacket as a dress

white blazer dress eggshell
Not a simple tailored blazer but an oversized one that made this outfit so great. The eggshell white dress is perfect for going out, dinner or even night clubs. You can style it with white lace underwear. You should pair it with a small black clutch and strappy sandals for a stylish and trendy look.

Wrap white blazer dress

wrapped in white blazer dress
Wrap dresses are the most comfortable thing in the world. You can just wrap yourself in a blazer dress and feel super comfortable and super super stylish! If you want to break the minimalist white combo, you can pair your dress with black peep toe ankle boots with gold detailing.

Big black buttons

white blazer dress black buttons
If you’re a fan of vintage and retro looks, you’ll love this white blazer dress. It looks pretty retro and has the feel of the old days. The big black buttons are very detailed and will definitely break that white combo. You can pair this dress with a pair of sheer lace cap-toe stilettos. This combination is great for formal occasions.

Asymmetrical white blazer dress (black stilettos)

white blazer dress asymmetrical
This model is another of a beautiful asymmetrical white dress. This time you can style it as your new work clothes. The dress is quite elegant and polished. All you need is a nice black bag and high-heeled stilettos for a great office look.

Decorate with fur

white blazer dress fur details
This oversized white blazer dress is great for elegant attire. It’s a great inspiration when it comes to dresses that you can wear. You can add fur details for a more sophisticated look and style it all with high heel sandals or stilettos. Let this combination be your new work clothes or your perfect night-out look.

White and gold

white blazer dress gold buttons
This is a pretty basic white blazer dress. However, it is adorned with gorgeous gold buttons that will give you a huge dose of glamor and a sophisticated look. When you pair it with metallic or classy black strappy sandals, you are ready for a chic cocktail party or a formal dinner. Style your hair in beach waves and put on nice earrings.

Red bag and white blazer dress

white blazer dress red bag
If you want to have an interesting outfit with a white blazer dress, you can easily combine it with super stylish pearl sandals and a red shopping bag. This is the perfect outfit for going out, partying, and even for vacation parties. When it comes to jewelry, put on a long gold necklace or some large earrings.

Lace sleeves gold buttons

white blazer dress lace
If you are a fan of lace I have something for you. You also know that I’m a huge fan of beautiful fine lace, so let’s see this dress. It is made of white lace with floral motifs. However, the sleeves don’t have the material under the top, which makes this dress more interesting. It has gold buttons. You can style it for many different occasions with super high heels.

Classic single-breasted blazer dress

white blazer dress all white
All in white is something you can always go for when you have no ideas. It’s pretty simple and easy to achieve this look. The only thing you should do is pair your blazer dress with white high heel stilettos and a small clutch in the same shade as a dress. As simple as that!

Gray thigh-high boots with a blazer dress

white blazer dress thigh high gray
If there are boots that go perfectly with a blazer dress, then these are definitely over-the-knee boots. Check out this outfit. It is suitable for both everyday life and elegant clothing. The dress has a black belt so it highlights your waist well. With gray suede over-the-knee boots, your legs will look a lot longer.

Black thigh high boots

white blazer dress black overknee boots black
Another outfit that you can go for is this one. It is paired with black, thigh-high leather boots. The peep-toe model sets you apart from the crowd and makes your outfit unique. If you want to wear this combination as daytime wear, go for it. On the other hand, if you want to wear it as a night combo, switch to high heels and you are ready!

As you can see, the white blazer dress isn’t that complicated to wear. Depending on the shoes and accessories you choose, you can style it for both casual and elegant occasions. This type of dress can be a little bit provocative, but it also looks very sophisticated. Be creative and make it the way you want. Casual or elegant, it doesn’t matter; you will look great!

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