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Cozy Bedrooms With Fireplace

Cozy Bedrooms With Fireplace

One bedroom is a warm and cozy retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. It is a place we try to relax and unwind. Therefore, it is important to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. Even choosing the right color scheme and adding features that provide warmth is not the only thing you can do. Another safe and fast way to get cozy in any room is to add a fireplace. A fireplace is an element that, regardless of design and style, can completely change the interior design concept. Whether old or new, working or not, a fireplace can be a good feature of a bedroom. A fireplace in a bedroom gives it instant warmth and cosiness. Bedroom with fireplace reflects the warm and pleasant atmosphere and adds a good fashion statement to the interior.

Adding a fireplace to your bedroom design can add a luxurious touch to the décor. Fireplaces are available in all shapes and sizes. There are various ways to add a cozy fireplace in your bedroom. However, their finishing should reflect the style of the interior and unite the room. They can easily become the main focus of the decor. They can be a simple addition that blends in with the decor or an element that holds great joy and style. In addition to providing heat, fireplaces today have become a fashion statement. The emphasis is not only on functionality but also on form and expression. While most fireplace inspirations come from the living room, we bring with you some fantastic ideas for bedrooms with fireplace designs. These ideas will hopefully inspire you to welcome one to your beautiful bedroom as well.

{1} Farm style bedroom with fireplace

Farmhouse style bedroom with fireplace
Cozy and inviting rural bedroom in St. Helena # 3 av Jennifer Robin Interiors | Photo of Paul Dyer
The rustic décor and the cozy duvet give this bedroom a warm feeling. The fireplace, however, enhances the warm and welcoming feel of this bedroom. The contrast with roughly carved surfaces like recycled wood with sumptuous textiles such as velvet and chenille gives the room a rustic luxe look. The burning fire's amber locks heat and completes the rustic look. The simple design of the fireplace blends into the interior and further adds to the comforting appeal of the room.

{2} Warm and open Mediterranean bedroom

Warm and open Mediterranean bedroom
Cozy Mediterranean bedroom with a simple fireplace in Villa Nueva Village Stein Design
This Mediterranean bedroom with a neutral color scheme of cream and brown is already quite warm and welcoming. The open layout and fresh sunlight enhance the room warmly. However, this sunny bedroom gets even warmer and cozy with the simple fireplace across the bed. Located inside the wall with a light marble environment, this fireplace provides warmth and a pleasant atmosphere to the design. A glass cover mounted in front of the otherwise open fireplace prevents the flames from coming out.

{3} Transitional bedroom with corner fireplace

Transition room with corner fireplace
Soft and thin transitional bedroom in rolling green cottage, Edina Village Engler Studio And John Kraemer And Sons Inc | Photo By Landmark Photography
The corner stove in this transitional bedroom fits perfectly into the interior. It really is a good addition that adds warmth and coziness to the simple design. By utilizing the underutilized corner area, the fireplaces increase the space and leave the longer walls open for furniture. It generates plenty of heat and acts as the room's contact point. Surrounded by two Victorian chairs, it is also an anchor for the sitting room in the bedroom. Fireplace remains an important architectural element but fades discreetly in the background to allow the seating to take center stage.

{4} Wood stove fireplace with neutral bedroom

Wood stove fireplace with neutral bedroom
Warm and neutral tones Bedroom in Yamkino Village Ruetemple Studio | Photo by Alexander Kudimov, Daria Butakhina
This bright and sunny bedroom gets enough sunlight to be quite warm in the afternoon. However, the long and elegant wood stove opposite the bed offers a warm and dense night's sleep. The stove is small, lean and quite simple. But it really warms the room and the bed quite nicely. The black color allows the stove to blend into the interior and become an accent piece instead of sticking out. The stove's simple design fits well with the simple décor of the minimalist contemporary bedroom design.

{5} Modern two-sided fireplace design

Modern two-sided fireplace design
Elegant and minimalist bedroom with fireplace in Nova Scotia, Canada by Drawing Room Architects
The clean, straight lines of this bedroom give the interior a sophisticated and uniform look. Everything in this minimalist bedroom is elegant, functional and clearly defined. The same goes for the two-sided stove. It really serves the main purpose of giving warmth and cozy feel to the interior. However, the two-sided fireplace in a wall together with a TV mounted above its wall also serves another purpose. There are very nice sitting and bed areas in this bedroom. The seamless design and smart location of the stove adds warmth and style to the modern interior.

{6} Built-in fireplace in rural bedroom

Built-in fireplace in rustic bedroom
Rural bedroom with stone fireplace surrounded in recycled under Morgan Keefe Builders | Photo by J. Weiland
The beautiful fireplace in the wall opposite the bed adds warmth and comfort to the already dense bedroom design. Located inside the wall with a stone surround, this fireplace really gels well with the rustic decor in the rest of the bedroom. It is the prime location and simple style that adds to the elegance of the décor and warm the room nicely. However, fireplaces like this need proper maintenance and refueling. It is advisable to keep a layer of wood handy, especially during the cold months!

{7} Southwest bedroom with corner fireplace

Southwestern bedroom with corner fireplace
Rustic contemporary bedroom antique fireplace at Woods Design Builders | Photo of Wendy McEahern
The bedroom is a perfect blend of old and new, seamlessly combining the modern world with a historic Santa Fe style. Colored beams and antique limestone fireplace complement the white oak floor and the white plastered walls. The antique design of the corner stove improves the bedroom in the southwest. Despite the simple design, the fireplace is surely the main focus of the design. It not only provides warmth but also blends well into the minimalist décor style of the bedroom.

{8} Mediterranean bedroom with double-sided fireplace

Mediterranean bedroom with two-sided fireplace
Elegant and elegant open design in the Pacific, Mission Viejo Village Passionate palette
This beautiful Mediterranean bedroom with its warm brown tones, plenty of sunlight and hardwood floors is quite warm and cozy. The fantastic double-sided fireplace further adds to the warm and pleasant atmosphere of the room. The modern design stove effectively separates the bedroom from the seating area in the suite. The two-sided design of the stove allows you to easily use it from all sides of the room. The amber flames visible from the transparent fireplace enhance the thin feel of the room.

{9} Fireplace with circular bedroom

Circular bedroom wood stove fireplace
Advanced functional fireplace design in Woodman's tree house by Unformed architecture | Photo by Sandy Steele Perkins
This high-end, luxurious bedroom is part of an imaginative and unique tree house in Dorset. The beautiful room has a simple design made of warm wood. Rich leather and luxurious fabrics further add to the room's grand feel. But the sophisticated wood stove in the middle of the room gives it an elegant and modern look. The simple design and neutral color of the fireplace fits well with the neutral tones in the rest of the interior.

{10} Modern bedroom with band fireplace

Modern bedroom with band stove
Elegant and modern fireplace in modern bedroom in Jewell Box By Architects Magnus
The elegant and modern look of this bedroom is really very relaxing. The extensive use of wood gives the room a warm and cozy feel. The clean straight lines in the interior give the room a uniform look. The simple and elegant fireplace in the wall offers interior warmth and comfort. Its simple design style gives the bedroom a minimalist and modern look.

{11} Glamorous modern bedroom with fireplace

Glamorous modern bedroom with fireplace
Luxury fabrics and glowing fireplace in hidden hills at Jeff Andrews Design
This ultra-glam bedroom looks very cozy even without the incandescent glow in the fire that heats the interior. The warm tones, rich fabrics and plush furniture give the room a look of sophisticated comfort. The patterned floor further enhances the richness of the décor. In the same way, the glowing fire and the lamps from the chandelier fill the room with both light and heat.

{12} Hanging Fireplace Modern Bedroom Design

Hanging fireplace with modern bedroom
Modern stylish hanging fireplace in bedroom in Kawashima textilcercon
A hanging fireplace can lift your decor to the next level. At the same time, it can free up space that a built-in fireplace or a wood stove would generally occupy. It also has the added benefit of easier movement. This allows you to turn the fireplace to whatever part of the room you want to heat. As seen in this bedroom, the hanging fireplace is easier to move and handle. The design and style of the fireplace adds to the atmosphere and overall look of the decor.

{13} Corner Fireplace Traditional Bedroom Decor

Traditional bedroom decor for corner fireplace
Sophisticated traditional bedroom design by Wesley-Wayne Interiors | Photo of Stephen Karlisch
Clean lines and natural light create a cozy and elegant feel in this bedroom. The gray, blue and gold color palette in this bedroom gives it a royal and traditional touch. Custom bedding and luxury rugs in the shag area provide sophistication. In addition, colorful floral accents around the room provide an inviting space. The simple and elegant fireplace gives a modern and warm touch to the interior. This fireplace plays an important role in the design without taking center stage. Its corner space allows for a small, cozy seating area in the bedroom.

{14} Two-sided fireplace in transitional bedroom

Two-sided fireplace in transitional bedroom
Two-sided fireplace in modern design in Beverly By Coats Homes
This beautiful fireplace is part of the wall that separates the seat from the bed. This modern fireplace is open and easily accessible from both sides and acts as a divider in the bedroom. Located inside the wall gives this fireplace warmth and style and looks like part of the interior. The modern fireplace design adds a modern touch to this transitional bedroom.

{15} White Bedroom Hanging Dining

Hanging fireplace in white bedroom
Elegant and modern fireplace in the bedroom White fireplaces
This bright white bedroom gets a fiery lift with this bright red hanging fireplace. The fireplace's elegant and modern design gives the bedroom a modern and modern look. But the fiery red fireplace is not just a decorative element. It serves the purpose of heating the room quite well. Its incandescent lamps really add warmth and comfort to the strong interior. In addition, the bright red color of the stove gives a splash and visual interest to the interior. In addition, its steam burning technology uses water as a fuel source, which means it has no combustible requirements. Fireplace does not require any venting and is quite safe to touch.

{16} Modern bedroom built in band fireplace

Modern bedroom built in band stove
Soft minimalist bedroom in Timber Ridge Residence By Locati Architects | Photo of Gibeon Photography
Exposed wooden beams, hardwood floors and a tiled accent wall give this bedroom a natural and rustic touch. But the soft neutral colors, plush fabrics, sliding doors and modern furnishings give this bedroom a modern contemporary look. The elegant and modern built-in fireplace in the corner wall enhances the bedroom contemporary. The stove is not very high maintenance and also gels the rest of the interior.

{17} Rustic bedroom with double-sided fireplace

Rustic bedroom with double-sided fireplace
Luxury rustic bedroom in antique Cedar Residence, Canada by Open Space Architecture | Photo of Ema Peters
A fireplace in one bedroom provides warmth and coziness. But this two-sided fireplace gives both the bedroom and the bathroom warmth. The rich fabrics and modern furniture give the bedroom a luxurious and modern touch. In contrast, wooden ceiling beams, wooden floors and furniture give the room a natural and rustic charm. The glass cover and the modern fireplace design add to the luxurious luxury of the decor. The two-sided design makes the fireplace accessible for both the bed and the bathing area.

Woodburning stove fireplace bedroom

Wood fireplace fireplace fireplace bedroom
Colorful farmhouse style bedroom in Alexander Valley View By Total concept
This is what we call countrycharm! The patterned bedding, the multicolored carpet and the colorful pendant light give color and pattern to the decor. Wooden ceilings and floors, as well as wooden furniture, give the room a rustic farm look. The natural sunlight, plush furniture and wood stove give the room warmth and comfort. The wood stove heats the room nicely and its design fits well with this farm style.

{19} Unique design hanging fireplace

Unique design hanging fireplace
Unique and seamless design bedroom in Sycamore House Village Aaron Neubert Architects | Photo of Brian Thomas Jones
The sycamore tree that passes through the floor is not the only thing of interest in this bedroom. The beautifully designed hanging fireplace also creates a lot of visual interest. This simple bedroom with modern décor, glass doors, hardwood floors and open design gives the room a modern touch. The elegant and modern design of the hanging fireplace adds to this look. This fireplace adds warmth to the bedroom and also gives the room design. And it looks so cool too!

{20} Rustic bedroom with fireplace in the corner

Rustic bedroom with fireplace in the corner
Neutral Colors Natural bedroom in Rocky Mountain Retreat Village Ike Kligerman Barkley | Photo by Peter Aaron
This wood and stone bedroom is truly a rocky haven! The stone walls and wooden ceilings give the room a rustic look. The unique stone wall headboard gives this room a natural charm. Fireplace in a corner next to the bed provides warmth and comfort in the room. This simple fireplace is located in the stone wall and looks like part of the wall construction. A wooden bench fixed under the fireplace offers a place to tend to the fire and easily enjoy its warmth. Talk about rustic charm!

{21} Built-in fireplace in modern bedroom

Built-in fireplace in modern bedroom
Modern minimalist modern bedroom in Martis Camp Residence village Tineke Triggs
This modern and elegant fireplace lifts the atmosphere throughout the room. The accent wall opposite the bed holds a fireplace with black marble surrounds. This fireplace gives the decor both warmth and style. the flames of the fireplace heat the room in a uniform way while adding to the elegant interior. The straight lines and clean edges of the stove fit well with the fluid-free and simple decor in the bedroom. All in all, the modern fireplace adds style and warmth to the modern bedroom.

{22} Stone wall stove in rustic bedroom

Stone wall stove in rural bedroom
Natural Charm in Rustic Retreat In Mountain Peek Town Center Sky Architecture Ltd. | Photo by Whitney Kamman
What a soft and refreshing bedroom really! Steel beams and metal work accentuate the natural stone and rustic wood design throughout the bedroom. The stone accent wall also includes fireplace and wall art. It really is the main focus of attention in the room. The soft colors and neutral shades illuminate the atmosphere. The plush furniture and fireplace warmth give the room a relaxing and welcoming feel. In addition, the simple design of the stove fits well with the rustic design. Wonderfully!

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