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How To Style Pink Loafers

How To Style Pink Loafers

For many outfits, you could just wear the pink heels and you would very likely look good. But there are times when we don’t want to wear the pink heels. For example, when we don’t want to look at the formal. Second, and most importantly, wearing heels all the time is not good for our legs. As an alternative that is very comfortable to wear, I would recommend that you wear the pink loafers. In fact, pink loafers look both stylish and feminine and can really spice up your outfit. To show you some ideas on how to style them, I’ve rounded up some of the best pink loafers outfit ideas. Let’s look at them now.

Black long wool coat with pink slippers


To start the list, I’m going to share this absolutely beautiful and deep boho look with you. To achieve this look, wear a black tribal printed boho shift dress, stockings and pink loafers. A black long wool coat drape over your shoulders to finish off this look in super chic style.

Light pink slippers with a blazer of the same color

light pink slipper blazer of the same color

For a stylish and slightly unisex look, you can wear a light blue boyfriend shirt with an oversized light pink blazer for the top. Wear black skinny jeans and light pink slippers for the bottom. By matching the color of the blazer and the shoes, the parts of the outfit are glued together better and the outfit looks better as a result.

White off shoulder ruffle top with pink slippers

white off shoulder ruffle tops with pink slippers

For a chic, casual look, you can wear an off the shoulder white ruffle top with light blue skinny jeans. Complete the outfit with light pink slippers and a classy wallet in exactly the same color to add a feminine touch to the overall look. As simple as this outfit looks, it is indeed a remarkable and low-key sexy outfit.

Blush pink sequin blazer with pink loafers

blush pink sequin blazer pink loafers

When you wear a blazer, you usually look chic and professional. But this blazer has such a unique design that it will make you look more feminine. It’s a blushing pink sequin blazer. Wear it with a white chiffon blouse, black shorts and pink loafers to complete this ladylike look.

Wear with a camo jacket & ripped jeans

Camo jacket ripped jeans outfit

For a cool and unisex look, you can wear a white printed t-shirt with a camouflage jacket for the top. For the floor, wear ripped boyfriend jeans and pink loafers. For those of you who like creative outfits, here is a creative outfit with an intense color contrast. To push the envelope even further, carry a yellow purse for a final creative touch.

Wear it with navy and pink blazers & dark blue jeans

Dark blue jeans in navy blue and pink

This is such an adorable navy and pink outfit. To achieve this lovely look, wear a black and white striped t-shirt with a navy and pink printed blazer for the top. Wear cuffed jeans and pink loafers for the floor. Complete the outfit with a shocking pink long knit scarf that gives the outfit a feminine touch.

Denim shirt & light blue jeans with cuffs

Denim shirt light blue jeans with cuffs

One of my favorite ways to style the pink loafers is to wear them with a stylish and unisex outfit to create a very interesting contrast. For example, wear a denim boyfriend shirt with ripped and tied boyfriend jeans with shocking pink loafers. To make the outfit look even better, carry a pink handbag for this casual yet super eye-catching look.

Black and white checked shirt with black pants

black and white checked shirt

You can also use the pink loafers to spice up an initially somewhat boring outfit. For example, wear a black and white checked boyfriend shirt with black pants. This outfit would have looked great with white sneakers or black heels, but it’s pretty uninteresting. Now wear a pair of pink loafers to take the outfit to another level.

White wool blazer with baby blue turtleneck and pants

white wool blazer baby blue turtleneck pants

This is one of those outfits that uses very unique colors and it seems like only models wear this type of outfit. But this outfit is actually not that difficult to take off. Isn’t it fun to dress like a model every now and then? To achieve this stylish look, wear a baby blue turtleneck and thin pants of a similar color. Drape a white wool blazer over your shoulders. Complete the outfit with pink slippers.

Pink loafers with white t-shirt & jeans

pink moccasins white t-shirt jeans

If you were to replace the pink loafers in this outfit with white sneakers it would have been a really casual outfit that looks nice but is a little uninteresting. Now, with the pink slippers, the outfit actually looks more feminine and beautiful.

Sky blue shirt dress with belt and pink slippers

sky blue belt shirt dress pink loafers

Here is a chic outfit that includes a gorgeous sky blue belted shirt dress. You can wear it with pink loafers and creatively a cheetah handbag to complete this unique and stylish look.

Light pink long trench coat with slippers of the same color

light pink long trench coat slippers of the same color

For a ladylike work outfit, you can wear a blue and white striped shirt with buttons and light blue skinny jeans. Wear a light pink long trench coat and pair it with slippers of the exact same color.

Shiny Shocking Pink Loafers with Mom Jeans

shiny shocking pink slipper mom jeans

This is a very interesting version of pink loafers. It’s a pair of shiny, metallic pink slippers. You can just wear it with a gray long sleeve blouse and mom jeans.

Wear it with a white crop top and a purple bomber jacket

white crop top purple bomber jacket

For a low-key sexy street look, you can wear a white crop top and a washed purple bomber jacket for the top. Wear black skinny jeans with pink loafers for the bottom. Note that the details are very important for this outfit to look good. For example, the black skinny jeans should be cropped slightly to expose your ankles and make you look taller. Second, you should almost always wear pink loafers with invisible socks.

Wear it with an ivory knit sweater and gray cut jeans

Ivory knit sweater gray cropped jeans

Here is an interesting old England style outfit. It consists of an ivory-colored knitted sweater, a long brown tweed coat, gray-cut jeans and pink slippers.

As you can see from the outfit ideas above, the pink slippers are a great piece that can really spice up your outfits. Don’t just stick to sneakers and heels all the time. There is one other great choice for you to discover.

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