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How To Wear Knee Length Shorts

How To Wear Knee Length Shorts

Most of the time, when we talk about shorts outfits, we are referring to mini-shorts, and most likely denim shorts. Today I’m going to talk about the knee length shorts instead. You may think that they are just a little longer than the mini shorts. What difference does that make? In fact, most knee-length shorts are slim-fitting, which makes the length and cut very different from the mini-shorts that most people used to wear. This means that they can be handled and designed very differently. Now let me show you the best knee length shorts outfit ideas that I have gathered.

Gray and white striped t-shirt with knee-length denim shorts


Basically, you can treat the knee-length denim shorts as jeans. Wear it with a gray and white striped tee for a casual look. An essential difference would be that the white sneakers are the best shoes for jeans. Now with the knee-length shorts, black boho-style sandals make the outfit look better.

Black knee-length shorts with a white peplum

black knee-length shorts white peplum top

When it comes to knee length shorts, there is no question that the denim shorts are the most popular, but chinos aren’t shabby either. For example, these black knee length shorts will make it easier for you to create an elegant look. Just pair them with a white peplum and green cardigan. Add a pair of black strappy sandals to the equation.

White chiffon blouse with knee-length pink shorts

white chiffon blouse pink knee-length shorts

Here is a creative and colorful look. The relatively formal white chiffon blouse and the shocking pink knee-length shorts create an intense and interesting contrast. The shocking pink sneakers add extra energy to the outfit.

Black shorts with a royal blue blazer

black shorts royal blue blazer

If you work in the creative industry, this is a stylish and creative outfit that you could probably wear to the office. For the top, wear a blue and white striped t-shirt with a blue blazer. For the bottom, wear black knee-length shorts and pink heels for a feminine twist.

White and gray plaid boyfriend shirt with denim shorts

white and gray plaid boyfriend shirt jean shorts

For a super casual outfit that is perfect for an outdoor hangout, you can wear a gray and white checked boyfriend shirt with knee-length denim shorts. Combine them with green gladiator sandals and a green leather handbag.

White turtleneck with black knee-length shorts

white turtleneck black knee-length shorts

This is a dark and cool outfit that is usually built around a black leather jacket instead of the black knee length shorts. Seems like this version looks just as good. You can easily combine the shorts with a white turtleneck. Team them with black leather boots and a black leather handbag for a stylish twist.

Wear with a checked blouse and a long tweed coat

plaid blouse long tweed coat

For a super chic look, you can wear a checked blouse with a gray tweed long jacket as a top. Pair them with black knee length shorts and yellow ankle strap sandals. To look even more stylish, pull the jacket over your shoulders. If you like that kind of style, we actually have a blog post on how to put a jacket over your shoulders. You might want to check that out.

Cracked knee-length denim shorts with a black tank top

ripped knee-length denim shorts made of black tank top

Here is a really simple outfit. For those of you who have kept yourself in good shape, this may be all you need to look your best. Just wear a black vest top with ripped denim shorts. Wear a black open toe ankle strap and some stylish accessories to complete your outfit in style.

Blue and white vertical striped boyfriend shirt with black shorts

blue and white vertical striped boyfriend shirt

Here’s another casual and relaxed outfit with a boyfriend shirt. Indeed, this is a great tip for you that tells you to take any boyfriend shirts that you have in your closet and try to pair them with knee length shorts. You may be surprised with the result. Back to that outfit, you can just wear a blue and white striped boyfriend shirt with black knee length shorts and gray ballet flats to achieve that casual and beautiful look.

Light blue boyfriend shirt with black shorts

light blue boyfriend shirt black shorts

Sometimes it is fun to dress up boyishly just to offer a little surprise to your friends who see you are wearing ladylike outfits. For example, wear a white t-shirt with a light blue boyfriend shirt as a top. Wear black knee-length shorts and brown sandals for the buttocks for a stylish and simple look.

Gray and white short halter top with knee-length denim shorts

gray and white short denim shorts with halter neck

Here is a youthful and low key sexy outfit that is sure to grab people’s attention. Wear a gray and white striped cropped halter top with knee-length denim shorts and white trainers. As simple as this outfit looks, the pieces work so nicely together and the result is so attractive.

Denim shorts with white T-shirt and black blazer

Denim shorts white t-shirt black blazer

This is a super chic outfit that looks just amazing. However, it’s surprisingly not that difficult to get your way. To achieve this look, wear a white t-shirt with a black blazer for the top. Wear knee-length denim shorts with green boho-style sandals for your bum. Wear the straw hat to add an elegant touch to the overall look.

Blue sleeveless polka dot shirt with knee-length denim shorts

blue sleeveless polka dot shirt knee-length denim shorts

For a feminine and stylish look, you can wear a blue sleeveless chiffon shirt with polka dots and jean shorts. What is very interesting is that the white slippers go perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

Short t-shirt with white high-waist shorts

short t-shirt white shorts with a high waist

For a gorgeous all-white look, you can simply wear a white cropped t-shirt with white, high-waisted, knee-length shorts. Either white loafers or white sneakers would go with this outfit. Don’t forget to wear a black belt to add a bit of style to the look.

Wear it with a white chiffon blouse and a light gray blazer

light gray blazer made of white chiffon blouse

You can actually wear black knee length shorts to the office and look good and appropriate. To do this, design the shorts as you would style a pencil skirt. For example, you can wear the shorts with a white chiffon blouse and a light gray blazer. Wear black heels to complete this beautiful and unique work outfit.

Hope you enjoy the knee length shorts outfit ideas I just shared with you. In addition to the mini shorts and pants that you used to wear, you now have another weapon in your outfit game.

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