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How To Wear Pleaded Mini Skirt

How To Wear Pleaded Mini Skirt

For many people, the miniskirt that is advocated is one of the items that is positioned only slightly outside of their comfort zone. However, it’s also something they would wear more often if they tried it once. Despite the fact that the skirt looks so beautiful, it also seems to look beautiful even when worn by someone who has relatively thicker thighs. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you some of the best ways to wear advocated mini skirts. Let’s take a look and there must be some that suit you well.

Black sweater with white mini skirt


One of the best ways to wear the pleaded mini skirt that can further accentuate your long legs is to wear it with a long sleeved top. The idea is simple: cover your upper body with skin as much as possible. Your legs will then get all the attention. This outfit is a very good example of this trick. It consists of a figure-hugging black sweater and a white mini skirt. I would recommend that you wear something very simple for your shoes, like a pair of light pink heels. But of course you can think outside the box and try something really eye-catching, like the cheetah heels you see in the picture.

White knitted sweater with black mini skirt

white knitted sweater black mini skirt

For a much more understated look, you can turn the black and white look of the previous outfit on its head. This time you can wear a white knitted sweater with a black mini skirt. Wear stockings and ankle heels to complete this simple, beautiful outfit.

Navy plaid mini skirt with white sweater & button up shirt

Navy plaid mini skirt white sweater

Not only do solid color skirts look great, plaid mini skirts can look amazing too, and they usually have an added touch of refreshment. You can wear a plaid mini skirt with a white knit sweater that drapes over a buttoned shirt. Again, you can simply wear ankle boots and stockings that go with the mini skirt.

White button-up shirt with a gray pleaded skirt

white button gray stain skirt

For a casual business look in white and gray, you can wear a white shirt with buttons and a gray skirt. Pair the skirt with heels that are the exact same color for this professional looking outfit.

Gray sweater with black mini skirt and ballet heel

gray sweater black mini skirt

In this picture you can see that a pleaded mini skirt looks great on a petite lady. Indeed, this gray sweater, black mini skirt and ballet flats outfit makes the lady look both cute and elegant. This highlights one of the greatest advantages of wearing a miniskirt, especially one that is pleaded: you look bigger and in better proportion.

Wear a pink mini skirt with a denim shirt

pink pleaded mini skirt outfit

Since a pleaded mini skirt usually looks playful and refreshing, it makes sense to try a shocking color like pink. The safest color for a pink skirt is definitely white. For any other color you have to be more careful and judge for yourself. The outfit, however, shows that a pink mini skirt in combination with a denim shirt actually looks pretty good. That seems like a unique yet chic way of wearing the skirt advocated. You might just want to try it out and see if the pink color goes well with your character.

Gray wool mini skirt with knitted sweater and stockings

gray wool mini skirt knitted sweater

This one uses a more specific fabric compared to the other outfit ideas mentioned. It’s a gray wool skirt that you probably don’t see often. You can wear it with a light gray sweater, black leggings, and ankle heels.

White sleeveless top with pink mini skirt

white sleeveless pink mini skirt

For a really feminine and beautiful look, you can try this pink and white outfit. Just wear a white sleeveless top with a pink skirt. Wear heels of the same pink color as the skirt to look amazingly chic.

Black skirt with sky blue t-shirt

black pleaded mini skirt sky blue t-shirt

This is an outfit with a very interesting color combination. It consists of a sky blue t-shirt and a black mini skirt. To give the already unique outfit additional character, you can wear a statement necklace.

White mini skirt with denim jacket

white skirt denim jacket outfit

I forgot exactly how many times I talked about denim jackets when I talked about outfit ideas. That says something about how versatile it is and how much character it can add to the rest of the outfit. As a good example of this, this outfit consists of a cream colored knit sweater, white skirt and white heels. Wear a denim jacket with these pieces for a touch of tenacity to the ladylike look.

Black mini skirt with leather jacket and ankle boots

black mini skirt ankle boots

Here’s an all black outfit that actually looks pretty instead of dark thanks to the cuteness of the black mini skirt. Just wear the black skirt with a black sweater and leather jacket. Wear a leather jacket with ankle boots to finish off your outfit. If you’re interested in outfit ideas for similar shoes, you might like our blog post on wearing leather ankle boots.

Black mini skirt with blue wool jacket with short sleeves

black mini skirt blue short-sleeved wool jacket

I want to mention this outfit idea because it’s pretty rare to find a way that includes a short sleeve coat and looks good. The outfit consists of a black mini skirt, an oversized gray t-shirt, a short-sleeved wool coat and strappy heels.

Yellow pleaded mini skirt with black sweater

yellow pleaded mini skirt black sweater

For those of you who are charismatic and like to stand out from the crowd, try this outfit of a yellow mini skirt and black sweater.

All white outfit with crop top & mini skirt

Crop top mini skirt all white outfit

For an absolutely beautiful and minimalist look, you can wear a white crop top with a white pleading skirt. You can either wear white sandals for a chic look or just keep it casual and sporty by wearing white sneakers.

Here is the list of advocated mini skirt outfit ideas I’ve put together. I hope you fall in love with wearing these skirts to add variety to your everyday outfit and have more fun.

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