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How To Wear Pleated Palazzo Pants

How To Wear Pleated Palazzo Pants

For those of you who just wear jeans all the time, you are missing out on great fun. There are actually many different types of pants that can be part of a very unique outfit. Today I’m going to talk to you about how to style the pleated palazzo pants. While they’re not as easy to style as jeans, with a little guidance you can wear them beautifully. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up some of the best pleated palazzo pants outfit ideas to get you off to a great start. Now let’s look at the ideas.

White off-the-shoulder chiffon top with pleated palazzo pants


To start the list, I’m going to share with you a minimalist and gorgeous all-white outfit. Just wear a white off the shoulder chiffon blouse with white pleated palazzo pants for a really airy look. Wear bare heeled sandals and a small silver handbag to add extra elegance to the outfit.

Black vest top with pink pleated palazzo trousers

black vest top crepe pleated palazzo pants

The pleated palazzo pants can be styled like a maxi-line skirt. They can be worn very casually and naturally. As an example, you can wear a black vest top with pink pleated palazzo pants. Combine the pieces very creatively with cheetah flats to complete this simple and chic look.

Pink t-shirt with light pink palazzo pants

pink t-shirt light pink palazzo pants

This is a lovely ladylike pink outfit. Just wear a pink t-shirt with light pink palazzo pants. Complete the outfit with a pink handbag and pink heels for that feminine, all pink look.

Red pleated pants with black and white printed vest

red pleated trousers, black and white printed vest top

If you really want to look eye-catching, consider wearing these red pleated palazzo pants that are especially good for summer. You can wear the red pants with a black and white printed vest top, light pink heels and a black clutch to achieve this bright and elegant summer look.

Black palazzo pants with white oversized t-shirt

black palazzo pants white oversized t-shirt

For an absolutely beautiful girl next door look, you can wear a white oversized t-shirt with black palazzo pants and white sneakers. As long as the t-shirt is made of a sturdy, thicker fabric, this outfit would look minimal and refreshing.

White lace vest top with pink pleated pants

white lace vest above pink pleated pants

In contrast to the young, cute look of the previous outfit idea, this outfit is much more feminine and mature. Wear a cropped white lace top with pink pleated pants and bare heels for a low-key sexy look that doesn’t require you to reveal a lot of skin. This outfit is best for meeting friends.

Black sleeveless knitted sweater with white pants

black sleeveless knitted sweater white pants

This outfit is elegant and can be worn to work. For the top, wear a black sleeveless knit sweater. The sleeveless sweater has grown in popularity over the years as the fit and sleeveless cut often depicts the curves of the upper body very nicely. Wear it with a black top, white palazzo flared pants and black heels with ankle straps. Wear a sleek black clutch to complete this pretty work outfit.

Green tweed blazer with red pleated palazzo trousers

green tweed blazer red pleated palazzo pants

It’s not easy to put green and red together. They can look like a Christmas tree if you don’t get it right. This outfit looks great and you can try to imitate it and see how it works. For the top, wear a green tweed blazer over a black floral blouse. For the bottom, wear red pleated palazzo pants with green heels. If you only wear green and red, they usually don’t gel together as well. In this case, the black wallet plays an important role in connecting the pieces.

White t-shirt with navy pants

white t-shirt navy pants

For an airy and casual look, you can simply wear a white t-shirt with dark blue pleated pants. Add a pair of nude heeled sandals and a beautiful brown leather belt to keep your waist high and visible for a high and slender look.

White lace top and pink pants with chiffon vest

white lace top pink pants chiffon vest

If you look carefully this outfit appeared earlier on this blog post but it was without a vest. I just want to include this outfit in the list here to point out that a vest can sometimes be very magical and can instantly change the style of an outfit within seconds. To achieve this look, you can wear a white lace top with pink pleated palazzo pants and bare heels. Wear the chiffon vest to give the outfit an elegant and airy touch. The golden choker necklace and the bracelets give the overall picture a lot of character.

Tiffany Blue V-neck C-neck and pink pleated palazzo pants

Tiffany Blue V-Neck Cropped Top Pink Pleated Palazzo Pants

This top is a very unique and beautiful top in Tiffany blue with a V-neck and a washed crop. You can combine it with pink pleated pants and light pink heeled sandals. Wear some sleek silver bracelets to complete this minimalist yet gorgeous outfit.

White palazzo pants with white chiffon button up shirt

white palazzo pants chiffon button up shirt

For a feminine look, you can combine the white palazzo pants with another feminine looking piece, the white chiffon shirt with buttons. Wear nude and black heeled sandals and a black clutch bag to add some color to this clean looking outfit.

White trousers with a white chunky sweater with three-quarter sleeves

white pants three-quarter sleeve chunky sweater

To wear the pleated pants more stylishly, you can choose one that is only sparsely pleated. Wear the white pleated pants with a white three-quarter sleeve thick sweater for a stylish and slightly baggy look. Wear a black handbag for a cool black and white look.

Black top with deep V-neckline and gray palazzo pants

black gray palazzo pants with deep V-neckline

As contradicting as it sounds, this outfit is a sexy way to dress. If you’re a boss or a manager, consider an outfit like this if you need to attend an annual company dinner or something similar. Just wear a black deep V-neck top, gray pleated palazzo pants, and black open-toe ankle strap. This is a minimal outfit that is powerful and sexy too.

White palazzo trousers with a long-sleeved, striped T-shirt

white palazzo pants long sleeved short striped t-shirt

For a refreshing look, you can wear a black and white striped, long sleeved, cropped t-shirt with white palazzo pants. Wear a pink clutch and silver statement chain to add some nice touches.

Here are the pleated palazzo pants outfit ideas that I want to share with you. As you can see, many of these outfits are easy to take off. Try it out and have fun styling it.

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