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How To Wear Tweed Jacket

How To Wear Tweed Jacket

Nowadays, tweed jackets have improved a lot in terms of design and cut, and have gradually entered the mainstream world of workwear. The great thing about them is that just like typical blazers they look very professional but are softer in tone and you can style them in a variety of ways. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you some of the best ideas about what to wear with a tweed jacket. Let’s take a look and you should try spicing up your work clothes.

Tweed jacket with skinny jeans and knee-high boots


I’ll start the list with a figure-hugging, chic-looking work outfit. For the top, you can wear a white buttoned shirt and a green tweed blazer. Pair them with skinny jeans and black knee-high leather boots. This is a stylish and unisex way of styling a tweed blazer. I can see it as a business casual outfit for managers and bosses.

Gray tweed jacket with white polka dot shirt & jeans

gray tweed jacket polka dot shirt cuffed jeans

For a softer, more feminine look, you can wear a gray tweed jacket with a white and black polka dot shirt for the top. Team them with black skinny jeans with cuffs and black ballerinas.

Wear it with a white top and red jeans

Tweed jacket white top red jeans

If you love sharp colors, this outfit idea is for you. Wear a gray tweed jacket with a white scoop neck blouse, black ballet flats and stunning red jeans. It’s not easy to style the red jeans in fact, and this outfit is a rare example of how to get it right.

Green tweed jacket with black sweater and skinny jeans

green tweed jacket women outfit

For a winter outfit, you can wear a green tweed jacket with a black knit sweater. Wear cuffed skinny jeans and suede ankle boots for the buttocks. For more outfit ideas for similar shoes, check out our suede boots blog post.

Wear with a white button-up shirt and bow scarf

Tweed jacket button up shirt silk bow scarf

This outfit is unique and chic and includes a bow scarf. You can achieve the look by wearing a white button down shirt, tweed jacket, and a silk scarf for the top. Black skinny jeans and black ballerina shoes are a nice complement to this outfit. I really like this outfit because wearing a bow scarf so naturally is not an easy task.

Wear it with a green high neck sweater and beige dress pants

Tweed blazer green high neck sweater beige suit trousers

For a sophisticated, wise, and professional-looking outfit that is perfect for work, especially if you’re a teacher or professor, you can wear a green high-necked sweater, tweed blazer, beige pants, and black heels.

Oversized tweed blazer over white cardigan and skinny jeans

Oversize tweed blazer white cardigan jeans outfit

For an absolutely chic look, you can wear a white cardigan and pull a gray tweed jacket over your shoulder. For the buttocks, you can simply wear skinny jeans and black heels. This is just a great demonstration of how elegant and beautiful you can look if you do the draped jacket over the shoulder trick correctly.

Wear with White Vest Top & Jeans

Tweed jacket white vest top jeans

Since there are fans of complex outfits with beautiful layers like the previous idea, there are always fans who support the minimal outfits. This outfit consists, for example, of a white vest top, a tweed jacket, skinny jeans and black heels. As simple as it seems, the tweed jacket still makes the outfit look professional enough to be worn as a business casual work outfit.

Wear it with a white blouse and gray skinny jeans

white blouse gray jeans tweed jacket

This is a comfy looking work outfit that is easy to take off as it isn’t as form-fitting as most of the outfit ideas on the list. The outfit consists of a white blouse and an oversized gray tweed jacket for the top with gray skinny jeans and black heels as the bottom. The loose top and tight bottom trick will help you look slimmer even if you don’t have a healthy upper body.

Tweed jacket with white top & boyfriend jeans

Tweed jacket boyfriend jeans outfit

So far I’ve mentioned a lot of outfits that use skinny jeans or leggings as bottoms. In this case, I’ll show you what a tweed jacket looks like with loose fitting jeans like the boyfriend jeans. To look cool and causal, you can wear a white t-shirt with a bodycon tweed jacket for the top. Pair them with tied and ripped boyfriend jeans and black heels. Just remember the rule that if you want to look slim and tall, wear either loose-top-tight-bottom or tight-top-loose-bottom. They don’t wear a loose-top-loose-bottom and expect you to look slim and elegant.

Gray sweater, cuffed jeans & white heels

Tweed jacket gray sweater white heels

Here’s another outfit with a draped jacket over the shoulder, but this one is a cuter version that is especially suitable for petite ladies. Just wear a gray sweater with a short tweed jacket over the shoulders. Wear light blue mom jeans with white heels. The high-waisted mom jeans optically move up the waist, making you look taller. By the way, you might be interested to check out our blog post on styling mom jeans.

Tweed jacket with black leather pants

Tweed jacket black leather gaiters

A stylish way to wear the tweed jacket is to balance the mature and feminine feel in the tweed jacket with something dark and cool like the black leather leggings. As an example, you can just wear a white tank top and tweed jacket for the top and bottom, black leather leggings and white sneakers.

Wear it with black leggings and knee high boots

Tweed jacket polo shirt dress leggings

For a refreshing outfit that uses some clever layering tricks, you can wear a polo shirt dress under a tweed jacket. Combine these pieces with leggings and black knee-high leather boots.

Two-piece set consisting of a cream-colored tweed jacket and pencil skirt

two-piece tweed jacket pencil skirt

There are many nice two-piece sets that you can wear as formal work clothes. As an example of this, this cream colored two piece set consisting of the cream colored pencil skirt and tweed jacket looks both professional and feminine.

Striped jacket & checked suit trousers

striped tweed jacket checked suit trousers

For a fashionable and unique look, you can combine a striped tweed jacket with black and white checked trousers. A pair of black loafers will add a bit of personality to this outfit.

Hope you enjoy this list of interesting tweed jacket outfit ideas. I firmly believe that playing around with styling a tweed jacket can add a lot of variety to your work outfits.

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