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Loft Space Bright Interior Design Home

Loft Space Bright Interior Design Home

Loft apartments can be a dream for anyone living in Italy. It is the extra space under the roof that turns into something huge and nice. If you love having your own elegant loft apartment, you can turn it into a luxurious residential area. All you need is to use your imagination. You can even get ideas from top interior designers. This Bright Interior Design project made off Miro Architects 2016, Italy. Attic CEO used color combination and furniture to provide the perfect display for this home. They have covered every area and used unique design to provide the perfect screen for this home.

We have a top white Italian designed home project that is perfect for you. It has a classic and elegant look. It suits any personality who loves simplicity with a touch of luxury. Every corner of the attic has superbly designed rooms, and you will definitely fall in love with the eye-catching toilets. yes! I said bathroom. Let's explore the amazing white Italian home project without doing anything else.

Living room Bright interior

Loft Space Light Fixtures Home Living Room
This living room is definitely a baptism! Everything is just white and perfect. The ceilings and walls are white and the furniture is also. It is beautifully designed with a modern staircase upstairs and a small white bookshelf installed right in front of it. There is a comfortable white L-shaped sofa in the corner of the room.

This is a fantastic home project for all light fixtures. The windows are perfectly aligned with the wall, and it gets brighter during the day. There is no need to use artificial light, and you can enjoy the natural light all day. If you are a night lover you can enjoy our night when the moonlight illuminates the room. This is a perfect design for any home in Italy.

Library in the living room

Bookshelves in living room with white interior
Well, the living room is expanding further, and you can see that there is plenty to see. As you walk forward you enter a dining room and a library. Wow! The library is not like the classic Beauty and Beast type, but it is a modern library built into the walls, and also has a movable ladder.

You can climb into a room built on top and spend your time reading as many books as possible. You can again have a white custom built-in shelves and keep adding books to them.

Wooden floor living room bright decor
Step aside and you'll see more of the room. The ceiling is decorated with a white color and wooden planks. You can definitely add some modern lighting to the ceiling. And yes! There is a pearl dining table in the corner of the room. The table and chairs are white like the rest of all. You can add any nice but simple vases in the middle to upgrade the surrounding.

This is a great home project for anyone out there who loves to explore and has no special rooms. The living room leads to the dining room, and when you eat your food you can read your favorite books. And if you get hungry you can get into the kitchen that sits on the side of the room. yes! The beautiful blue and white door leads to the world of heaven; the food world!

Pearl White Dining Room Table

Pearl White Dining Table Glass Fancy Lamp
The dining room is in the corner. And it is not very neat, but it really has an excellent taste of decoration. I mean, it's simple. But sometimes you need simplicity in life. It is very classic and elegant. The dinner table is in the corner. It has excellent lighting, and you can enjoy taking pictures and posting them on Instagram. I'm sure; this will make your followers go high. A fantastic light decor will change your photography skills.

White dining table and chairs
When you take a closer look you can see how good this bright interior is. It is perfect for all white lovers. The table is pearl-colored, as is the wall. The chairs go well with the dining table. You can add light vases in the middle. Notice how special the ceiling lights are? These are glass ceiling lights and they are unique but very stylish.

Modern white kitchen design

Modern white kitchen design
As you enter the food world; the kitchen will surprise you with its bright décor. It is the best Italian home project you have ever seen. The kitchen is fantastic! Look at it; you will be fascinated. You enter this wonderful looking kitchen that is white from top to bottom.

The floors are also white instead of the wooden board theme. When you enter paradise you can have a nice table on the right while kitchen cabinets and drawers on the left. The cabinets are elegant. They have a lighting system underneath them. The plates are also white.

White kitchen Wooden cabinet
You can see the kitchen cabinet very clearly in this picture. It is simply brilliant design. The electric stove is in the middle and the chimney is designed very elegantly. It may not seem like a valve at first, but when you look closely you will be surprised at its design. If you like some houseplants, you can place them on the kitchen cabinets.

Have any expensive silvers packed professionally on the top cabinets? You can add some airtight glasses. And decorate however you please. This kitchen is the best for any home in Italy.

Electric stove Excellent lighting design
This electric cooker sits perfectly on the kitchen plates. Above you can see the chimney. And the best thing is about its design. It has an excellent flash design. It's simple and good. The kitchen counters rest on a simple designed white cabinet system. Only part of it is covered with wood, which makes it unique. If you ever have a complete white home in Italy, you must always keep it sparkling clean.

Unique staircase design

Unique staircase design
One of the best parts of this white home project is the stairs. These stairs are uniquely placed in the house. They are designed to look as if they are floating or hanging from the top. It seems sensitive, but trust me, it's fixed. The stairs are located in the corner, and it has a swirling look and feel. If you like, you can add a table under it and decorate with some houseplants.

Small space in wooden floor under staircase plant decor
When you look closer at the stairs it is a little wide, but yes, you can climb up and down. The stair handles are unique here, but it is beautiful. These white stairs are one of the best houses in Italy designed by Miro Architetti. It is unusual but impressive. It can attract the crowds if you host a party at this loft space Bright Interior Apartment.

Staircase Aligned with each other
These are the best pictures taken on the stairs. Well done, photographer! As you can see from above, the stairs look like they like the cards. In line with each other, very fascinating. The swirl looks and feels from the outside is eye-catching.

Narrow small corridor

Narrow small corridor
If you have climbed the stairs, you enter a corridor. The corridors are very simple; There is nothing nice about it. It is simple without decorations. There are rooms that you can see on the sides. It seems to be an excellent looking corridor. These simple corridors are targets for homes in Italy. It is also one of the best home projects a person can wish for.

White and light gray bathroom

White and light gray combination bathroom
This is an absolutely wonderful bathroom. It has a white and light gray combination. But it is very elegant. The washbasin is simple with a white ceramic rectangular bowl. The cranes are installed in the walls. And above a huge giant mirror. There is a wonderful bathtub in the corner of the room. The floor is also white. This white all white design lights up the entire bathroom. Again, it is an excellent light fixture.

Gray bathroom walls
The washbasin design if you look closely is really a unique design. It has a space in it, as you can see. You can keep your toiletries on either side, because the space is large. The drainage system is again unique. It's not like the old ones with an open space. This may be close, but the water can easily pass through.

Shower with bathroom in wooden cabinet
This is another bathroom design. There is a wonderful shower with glass installed right in front of it. You can see that the entire bathroom is white. And you can use a wooden cabinet set. You can keep bathrobes, towels, spas and face sets.

Bright bedroom

Bright decor in bedroom
This bedroom is the best bright decor idea. It has everything a morning lover would need. It has a long and elegant window, gets the sunlight in and illuminates the room. Walls and ceilings are white. You can use your double bed in the middle of the room and decorate it with two bedside tables on either side of the bed.

Cover the bed with white sheets and pillowcases, and get a different color decoration on top. Comfortable!

Rustic white entertainment room

Rustic white entertainment room ceiling design with wood
This is another living room that has been designed a little deeper in the attic. This differs in its design. The walls and ceiling are white, but the roof has a tree-like decor. Some of the wall has a gray touch, but everything goes pretty well. It is surprising how the white goes well with this design. You can add a very comfortable sofa set and a TV stand. Make sure to get them white.

Rustic white room design
There is a window that lights up the room. It's amazing to see how the furniture arrangement is. There is a simple sofa and nothing very nice. Every morning lover can love this bright decor. You can ever read your favorite book here!

Small balcony design

Small balcony design
Who wouldn't love the idea of ​​having a balcony worth sunbathing? This is a lovely design. The balcony is wide open, and you have had some excellent accent chairs there. If you love gardening, you can add some amazing potted plants there and grow your own balcony garden.

So guys, this is one of the best Italian designed home projects. It is simple yet beautiful. It has the best decor and it has everything a single person would need. And this is not just for singles, but for writers who want to spend their time alone in peace and write their amazing work. It is mainly for everyone who loves luxury and simplicity at the same time. And minimalist lovers would go for this design. If you are in Italy or love their decor, just go for it!

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