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Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration

Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and home decorations will be in full force now. Most of you are still wondering about the best way to give Christmas happiness to the Christmas tree in the living room. But do not forget the most important and cozy area in the living room in these decorations. The fireplace mantle is the first place that your guests would go to when they enter the living room. Therefore, it is important and festive to decorate the stove and make it the center of the holiday. Christmas fireplace mantel decoration is almost like a tradition and there are many traditional as well as unique ways to add cheer to the fireplace.

Traditional fireplace decorations include wreaths, wreaths and other Christmas ornaments. Lanterns and candles also give a traditional and cozy look to the interior. But you can also try something new this year to wake things up. Add a Christmas tree with greenery, or create a small Christmas vignette with remaining ornaments. We give you a collection of some creative and interesting ideas for decorating Japanese stoves. These ideas will surely inspire you to make your fireplace the happy, festive and welcoming point of contact in your home.

{1} Traditional red-green Christmas mantle

Traditional red-green Christmas mantle
Christmas fireplace decoration with traditional colors By Sherlesi / Shutterstock
There is something very festive with a Christmas wreath over a fireplace. Evergreens, lanterns, ribbons, Christmas ornaments and candles are brought together to make this perfectly traditional and festive Christmas mantle decoration. Natural greenery, light red and gold ornaments and traditional lanterns get the holiday spirit. The bird box filled with Christmas ornaments also gives a traditional feel to the decor. The little golden angels, the stars and the pinecones look so beautiful! You can also add some natural flowers to further enhance the look.

{2} Elegant Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration

Elegant Christmas dinner decoration
Christmas fireplace decoration in white and green By Lyashenko Egor / Shutterstock
Natural greenery has a way of bringing life and life to even the most boring surroundings. The strong white decor in the living room seems to live because of these green Christmas decorations. You will need an ornamental white mirror, evergreen, white berries, white and silver ornaments, silver bottle, Christmas letters and white candles. First, decorate the mirror with evergreen, white berries and silver ornaments and place it on the mantle. Now adorn the mantle with evergreen garlands, white candles, silver wine bottle and your Christmas letters. Second, add some evergreen to the core and place white candles on the greens. Also hang some white stars from the mantle. Now place two potted Christmas trees with silver and white ornaments next to the fireplace. And that's all! Your very elegant and elegant Christmas jacket is ready!

{3} Country style Christmas style

Country Style Christmas Coat Decor
The latest trends in Christmas decorations are about cycling up and reusing old things. Look at this rural Christmas stove decoration template. Here, too, homeowners have taken an old unused window and reused it for use in Christmas decorations. Hanging a wreath in the window makes it look festive. Similarly, lanterns and wreath decor on the mantle get the holiday spirit. A decorative candle stand in the hearth, logs, mini trees and Christmas signs also adorn the fireplace. In addition, a cozy Christmas display with a traditional lantern, vintage truck, checkered throw and pillow further adds to the festive atmosphere. In addition, a small tray of evergreen and mini-Christmas trees adds to the cheer.

{4} Rustic Christmas Coat Decor

Rustic Christmas mantle decor
Rustic fir branches and fir shell decor By Semenova Jenny / Shutterstock
This rustic Christmas fireplace stove decoration looks so elegant and stunning! And it is also fairly easy to recreate in your home. All you need are logs, spruce and fir leaves, pinecones, white candles, mason jars and clear glass vases. First, create a wreath from spruce and spruce leaves and add some pinecones to it. Now hang the wreath above the mantle at some distance. Similarly, make a garland of the leaves with pinecones and white ornaments and drape it on the mantle. Second, decorate the mason jars with chipped snow and some leaves. Also tie yarn strings with pinecones to the jars. Now make a center piece with candles on a silver tray. Then place the logs on both sides of the center piece. Place the walls on these logs. Add some candles and that's it. Your rustic and elegant mantle is ready to wow the guests!

{5} Christmas Lanterns Fireplace Decor

Christmas Lanterns Fireplace Mantel Decor
This simple decoration looks elegant and very sophisticated. The beautiful pinecone and evergreen wreath look really elegant and traditional. The decorative candlesticks look very nice and beautiful. The lamps also add a touch of festive warmth to the simple décor. In addition, a small glass box filled with jingle bells and silver-white pearls form the center of the mantle. All in all, this mantle looks like a stylish Christmas display.

{6} Magical Forest Coat Decor

Christmas Magical Forest Coat Decor
This elaborate Christmas decoration manages to provide so much festivity only with silver and white colors. The mantle itself looks like a scene from a magical forest! All you need for this look are mini Christmas tree carvings, large pinecones, animal ornaments, large prelite star and candles, all in white. First, arrange all the cuts on the mantle so closely that they resemble a forest. Now place some silver stars behind the trees. Also add the white star, pinecone and animal ornaments you want. Then place the lamps on the mantle between the trees. And you're done! Your magic wood stove decor is ready!

{7} Winter Snowman Coat Decor

Winter snowman fireplace mantel decor
“Do you want to build a snowman” Winter coat By The Frugal Homemaker
This winter Christmas decor is just so chic! It looks fantastic and is also easy on the purse. You need faux snow (or cotton), white candles, white glitter trees, big red, white and silver snowflake ornaments, black hat, red scarf, blackboard and a large amount of cotton. First, you should spread some cotton on the mantle to make it look like fall snow. Also add to the Christmas lights. Then place the glitter tree on one side of the mantle. Second, fill the board with the text "Do you want to build a snowman"? Place it on the mantle near the tree and decorate with a wreath of cotton balls. Now make a snowman from the cotton and paste it on the mantle wall next to the board. Stick the snowflakes on the wall next to the snowman. And that's all it takes to get this classic look on your mantle!

{8} Minimal creative fireplace decor

Minimal Creative Fireplace Coat Decor
For all the minimalists out there it is possible to have a festive and stylish mantle without too much decor or expense. This Christmas fireplace mantel decoration is solid evidence of that. Amazingly amazing and incredibly cheap, this decoration is definitely something you should try. The decorative mirror above the mantle is a decoration in itself. In the same way, the glossy glass jars give the interior a sophisticated touch. The peacock wreaths and blue glitter ornaments also add a festive touch to the décor. All you have to do is create two wreaths from peacock feathers. Now hang one in the mirror and place the other in the fireplace. Hang the glittering ornaments from the mantle to give a festive touch.

{9} Flowery Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration

Floral green Christmas stove cloak
As we said before, natural greenery lives up to every decoration. Flowers add color and vibrancy to the interior. This naturally festive mantle decor is made solely of flowers, greenery and light. A garland of green leaves adorns the mantle. A clear glass vase filled with red berries decorated with red ornaments serves as a centerpiece. On both sides we have vases with red carnations and poinsettias. Similarly, moss blocks with shiny decorative beads and wrapped in ribbons give the appearance of Christmas presents. Red candle lights also enhance the decor's naturally festive look.

{10} Colorful whimsical mantle decor

Colorful whimsical Christmas mantle decor
This beautiful decoration is whimsical, bright and delightful and conveys the childlike wonder of Christmas. Christmas is a festival that inspires a lot of enthusiasm and energy in both children and adults. Therefore, to capture that energy and vitality, this mantle decoration is full of many colors and patterns. It also reminds us of our childhood days of colorful candies and lovely candies. This DIY jacket is very easy to copy with the help of this tutorial. So take a detour from the traditional holiday decorations and try a new whimsical method this Christmas.

{11} Spruce Leaves Garland Coat Decor

Spruce Leaves Garland Coat Decor
This Christmas fireplace mantel decoration looks so elegant and elegant. This antique wooden mirror is really a good alternative to a traditional wreath. The white socks that hang from the mantle also get the holiday spirit. However, it is the decorative garland and ribbon decor that adds life and vibrancy to this decoration. you can also easily replicate this look. All you need is a spruce wreath, brown ribbon, white socks and an antique wooden mirror. If you don't have the mirror, don't worry. You can also put a wreath or centerpiece on Christmas in its place.

{12} Crane Trio Fireplace Mantel Decor

Wreath Trio Fireplace Mantel Decor
The natural and earthy tones in this decoration give a soothing, calm effect while looking festive and bright. Magnolia leaves the crane trio appearing as a creative yet traditional touch to the interior. The spruce leaves and pinecones wreaths on the mantle also contribute to the natural look. Other elements such as candelabras, Christmas signs, lanterns and mini Christmas trees also add a traditional touch to the interior.

{13} Christmas Letters Fireplace Decor

Santa's fireplace
This simplified mantle decoration for Christmas stove is just wow! The rustic natural look is so beautiful. If you have a small fireplace like this, you can also try this simple Christmas decor. All you need are some evergreen, pinecones, Christmas ornaments, candles, deer, stockings, wooden pallets and candles. First, decorate the wooden board with chalk as shown in the picture or with something else you like. Now place the board on the mantle. Second, drape the mantle with the evergreen garland and place some pinecones and Christmas ornaments for extra effect. Now add the Christmas lights to the wreath. Then place the deer on one corner of the mantle and the light in another corner. Just hang the socks from the mantle. Your mantle gets an elegant lift with this decor!

{14} Simple Wreath Fireplace Mantle

Simple wreath fireplace Mantel Decor
Traditional Christmas mantle decor with Santa socks By Michael C. Gray / Shutterstock
There is nothing wrong with wanting to go for a simple Christmas setting. It is actually very natural if your decor looks like this! Simple and effective, this decor looks festive and traditional with no additional decoration. All you need is an evergreen wreath and wreath, some pinecones and Christmas ornaments (shiny and bright). First, hang your wreath on the wall above the mantle. Now decorate it with some pinecones and ornaments. Now drape the wreath over the mantle and add pinecones and ornaments to it as well. Also add some candy canes and bows to the wreath. And your simple Christmas dinner decoration is ready to welcome your holiday!

{15} Bright 3D stars and light decor

Bright 3D stars and light decor
This brightly lit Christmas stove mantel decoration is so elegantly chic and festive! It is also very easy to recreate. The candles add warmth and light to the decorations. The usual evergreen wreath adorned with a single 3D star looks festive and traditional. It really gives the interior a traditional feel. The evergreen green and ornament wreath draped on the mantle looks festive and catches the holiday spirit. The 3D stars added to it further enhance the festive appeal of the decorative.

{16} Pinecones Rustic Fireplace Decor

Pinecones Rustic fireplace decor
This rustic mantle decor is festive despite its earthy tones. This coat decoration is so simple that anyone can do it! You need pinecones (lots), Christmas balls, Santa, a "Be Merry" garland, red socks and a checkered deer art. You can view any Christmas related artwork that you have or set the coming light or centerpiece as well. First, you should spread pinecones on the Christmas mantle. Now add the ornaments at random. Now place your art or centerpiece on one side and Santa on the other. Then hang the "Be Merry" wreath and socks on the mantle. And that's all! Wasn't that easy? The Christmas eat mantle decoration was never so fun!

{17} Rustic, neutral Christmas dinner

Rustic Neutral Christmas Fireplace Decor
Neutral Farmhouse Style Mantel Decoration by Clean Living Clean Eating
The rustic farmhouse-style decorations are the trend this season. And this rustic mantle decoration fits right into this style. The tree deer silhouette on the mantle is available in the markets or online. You will also need evergreen wreaths, pinecones, some small white Christmas trees and two Santa figures. You can scrutinize pinecones by adding some color or tinsel. First, put the deer silhouette on the mantle and place some trees around it. Place Santa Claus on both corners of the mantle. then drape the wreath on the mantle and add pinecones to it. You can also hang white socks from the mantle for that farmhouse effect.

{18} Vintage Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration

Vintage Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration
This vintage Christmas fireplace stove decoration really has a whimsical appeal. To get the look we will need cheat snow, mason jars, blue and silver ornaments, glittering snowflakes, vintage reindeer, snowmen and bottle brushes for miniature thread. First you should spread the chaff snow over the mantle and center the mason jars at the front. Also fill the jars with some glass ornaments. Next, you should display antique decorations such as the reindeer, snowmen and miniature trees. Now the glass ornaments spread over the mantle. Also, place the snowflakes among the snow. Complete the look by draping a weekend greeting like this "Merry Christmas" wreath over the mantle wall. It's pretty easy to recreate and looks amazing!

{19} Easy DIY Christmas Coat Decor

Easy DIY Christmas mantle decor
DIY Christmas mantle with painted frames By Forever Decorating
This DIY Christmas mantle decor is so easy to recreate! All you need is a little greenery, old empty frames, any color, spray paint, ribbons, a small pot / vase, green tinsel, Christmas letters and ornaments. First, collect all old frames and spray paint them with the color of your choice. Now attach some ornaments to the ribbons, tie them to the frames and place a bow on top. Second, cover the vase with green and red tinsel. Now place this vase on a rack in the middle of the mantle. In addition, make a small wreath of green ornaments and hang it from the vase stand. Now place the decorated frames on the mantle in whatever arrangement you want. Also hang a Christmas letter from the mirror and decorate the mantle with some greenery. And that's all you need to do to get this creative mantle look.

{20} Glittery Silver Fireplace Decor

Glittery Silver Fireplace Christmas Decor
This beautiful Christmas mantle is reminiscent of a snowy white winter forest. The mini Christmas trees surrounded by glittering silver trees give the frosted forest effect. The green garland adds some color to the decoration. The silver ornaments and star hanging on the garland contribute to the glittering effect of the decor. The silver deer further add to the snowy forest of the decor.

{21} Red Berries Christmas Coat Decor

Red berries christmas mantle decor
Red berries give each decoration a traditional and natural feel. This fresh and natural Christmas mantle decor is made more attractive with red berries. The wreath looks amazing as the mantle wall decor. Mini seashells and deer give the decor a rustic and festive feel. Mantel wreath of evergreen is also adorned with red berries to give it a fresh and feminine appeal. Red and green are also the traditional Christmas colors. Therefore, this interior looks both natural and festive. The burlap box drawers further enhance the rustic appeal of the decor.

{22} Fancy Fireplace Christmas Decor

Fancy Fireplace Cloak Christmas Decor
This stylish pepper mantle decoration looks very chic and sophisticated. To get this look you will need evergreen wreaths, honeycomb design bands, white ribbon, cotton garland, white and silver ornaments, mini silver Christmas trees, traditional lanterns, vintage reindeer and green wreath. First, decorate the wreath and wreath with net, white ribbon, cotton garland and silver and white ornaments. Now place the wreath on the mantle wall and the wreath on the mantle wall. Place the lamp on the mantle in a corner. Also, place the trees on both corners. Place the reindeer next to the mini tree in one corner and some greenery in the other. Ornament with Christmas lights and see the beautiful decor lit up for a festive Christmas.

{23} Nativity Scene On Fireplace Mantel

Nativity Scene On Fireplace Mantel
DIY Silhouette Nativity Coat Decor by Hymns And Verses
This DIY silhouette Nativity stage decoration looks so festive and traditional! You can also get this look by buying a Nativity Scene from the market or making your own in a DIY Christmas project. This can easily be a fun project for the kids with the notes Christmas letters added to the list. First, place a blackboard on the mantle so that it acts as a black screen for the Nativity silhouette. Now put the Nativity silhouette on the mantle and add some greens to the decor. Place two identical clear glass vases filled with a candle on the front corner of the mantle. Complete look with a wooden sliding table with logs on top. Your unique Christmas fireplace mantel decoration is ready to welcome guests!

{24} Metallic Colors Coat Decor

Metallic Colors Fireplace Mantel Decor
This modern Christmas decoration is made of modern elements in metallic colors such as gray, silver and white. Pure art is the focal point of the interior. The big snowflakes, silver min Christmas trees, gift boxes and paper ornaments further add to the modern appeal of the decor. The white stockings and paper ornaments Christmas letters get the holiday spirit. All in all, the whole interior looks very festive and festive.

{25} Industrial Christmas Coat Decor

Industrial Christmas Coat Decor
This industrial style Christmas mantle decor is very modern and festive. An old ornamental window that has been upgraded as an industrial Christmas mantle decor looks fantastic on the mantle. The hanging aluminum basket filled with evergreen green serves as a makeshift wreath. The mantle decorated with small metal houses and mini Christmas trees looks like a small Christmas village vignette. The minimal and simple decor reflects the industrial decoration style. It is a fantastic decoration idea for lovers of minimalism and industrial decoration style.

{26} Festive Santa Fireplace Decor

Festive Christmas tree pepper decor
Do you love the idea of ​​Santa Claus? Do you want a colorful Christmas decor that your kids will love? This is the best idea for you. Colorful, sparkling, floral and Santa decorations for Christmas cloak look traditional and very festive. You will need evergreen wreath and thick wreath, shiny red, green and golden ornaments, artificial red poinsettias, green and red ribbons, Santa's socks and a Santa Claus figure. First, take garland and wreath and decorate them with all the ornaments and flowers. Now drape the wreath on the mantle and hang the wreath on the mantle wall. Now hang the sock socks from the mantle wall. Also place the Santa figure on the mantle or near the hearth. That's all. Your traditional Christmas mantle is ready to wow the kids!

{27} Whimsical Christmas fireplace mantle

Whimsical Christmas fireplace
This whimsical fireplace mantel decor looks so festive and traditional. A detailed decoration of green garland, Christmas ornaments, candy canes, ribbons and snowflakes decorate the mantle mirror. Blocks of the "Ho Ho Ho" Christmas sign adorn the mantle at the front. A pair of glittering mini Christmas trees decorate one corner of the mantle while a Santa figure decorates the other. In addition, some ornaments that hang from both corners of the mantle complement. This whimsical mantle decor will be a big hit among the kids!

{28} Nutcracker Christmas Mantel Decor

Nutcracker Christmas Cloak Decor
According to the legends, a nutcracker protects the house from danger and evil. And if this legion of nutcracker protects you, only good will come into your house this Christmas! A beautiful green wreath decorated with red ornaments and red-white ribbons adorns the mantle wall. All nutcracker characters find their place on the mantle. The mantel garlands are also decorated with ornaments, ribbons, red poinsettias and Christmas lights. A medium-sized nutcracker watches the stove. All in all, this festive mantle decoration is also a protection against all evil!

{29} Modern Fireplace Christmas Decor

Christmas fireplace modern fireplace
Modern unconventional Christmas fireplace decor By Blueistyle
This fantastic white Christmas decor on a gray and orange background is a bold and interesting choice. The white decor seems to shine on the orange mantle wall. The white socks also stand out against the gray background. You can easily buy the little white houses from the market or an online store. In the same way, you can easily make the mini Christmas trees at home in a DIY project shown in this tutorial. The wreath is also easily accessible online or easily made at home. The glittery hanging snowflakes give some interest and look striking against the orange wall. All in all, this fantastic mantra inspires us to be creative and dare to go monotonous this Christmas!

{30} Farmhouse Christmas Fireplace Mantel

Farmhouse Christmas Fireplace Mantel
Christmas Farmhouse Coat Decor By Brandi Sawyer – Nest Of Bliss
This rustic farmhouse decoration is really something to talk about! The beautiful light and light decor looks so elegant and elegant. But at the same time, the old window foot and wooden deer with a burlap arch give the decor a rustic charm. The white socks and the music sheet Christmas tree wreath give a festive and traditional touch to the decoration. All in all, the whole interior looks elegant, rustic and very elegant.

{31} Woodland Natural Mantle Decor

Woodland Natural Fireplace Mantel Decor
Rustic Woodland Fireplace Christmas Cloak Of 2 Bees In A Pod
This rustic woodland decor is simply wonderful! The forest wreath looks fantastic against the strong white strange interior. The large collection of twigs in a glass vessel adds to the decorative rustic charm. The evergreen wreath, pine cones, mini-driftwood Christmas tree and moss bits form the other rustic features of decor scattered throughout the mantle. This rustic look is nicely balanced with mercury glass trees, vintage trophies and metal reindeer.

{32} Coastal Decor Fireplace Mantel

Coastal Decor Fireplace Coat
Beach inspired Christmas mantle decor By Holly Wade For The Home Depot
This beach-inspired mantle decor is festive and beautiful! Mantell garland is decorated with beach-colored Christmas ornaments. In addition, Christmas ornaments hanging on the ceiling have the same beach-inspired colors. The Great & # 39; Merry & # 39; The sign on the mantle is a DIY piece. You can also easily do it at home in a Christmas DIY project that is on display here. Faux snow or cotton forms the basis for the rest of the mantle decor. The rest of the mantle decor includes white bottle brush trees, seashells, white animal figures and blue glass pieces. Overall, this beach-inspired Christmas decoration is welcome to welcome your holiday in style!

{33} Paper Ornament DIY Fireplace Decor

Paper ornament DIY fireplace decor
A very creative DIY Christmas mantle By Tatertots And Jello
This DIY mantle decor is really a fun project to take on during Christmas. Decorated entirely in colorful paper ornaments and DIY products, this mantle is truly an inspiration for a better and creative Christmas decor. Visit this tutorial to get started with your DIY mantle decor. Simply turn your cloak into a showcase to show all your DIY efforts and wow all your guests with your creativity this Christmas!

{34} Winter Wonderland Coat Decor

Winter Wonderland Cloak Christmas Decor
Simple and creative Christmas mantle decor Of the girl in the garage
This creative winter wonderland decor will surely leave you amazed! The beautiful decor draws inspiration from the white and snowy winter. Therefore, the abundance of white and silver. The reused frame with wreath looks good and serves as a perfect base for the rest of the interior. Trees and antique candlesticks give the interior a traditional feel. Mini-white Christmas trees with silver glitter decoration get the holiday spirit. The white leafy land complements the wintry look. In short, this winter white Christmas mantle decor looks ready to welcome the holiday!

{35} Natural Christmas Fireplace Mantel Decoration

Natural Christmas eat eat decoration
This beautiful and floral Christmas mantle decor looks so sophisticated and natural! To get the look of your mantle, you will need cedar threads, frosted pine cones, paper suites and amaryllis in rustic terracotta and zinc containers, reindeer moss, some oranges and limes, cinnamon sticks and scented votive candles. First, spread the cedar threads over the mantle for a new appeal. Also hook some large pinecones to the wreaths and guide the smaller ones to the wreath for a natural look. Then add some height and freshness with the white and green flowers and the moss over the mantle. Add some color with oranges and limes. Also add a scent with cinnamon sticks and fragrant votives. This natural and fresh coat decoration is so colorful and refreshing!

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