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How To Wear High Top Converse

How To Wear High Top Converse

It’s so well known that Converse are so versatile that they work with just about any casual outfit idea. For me there is so much to talk about when it comes to styling Converse as there are so many different styles, cutouts and colors of Converse. In this blog post, I’m going to focus specifically on the high-top conversation, mainly talking about the blacks and the whites. I’m pretty sure this will be a book if I talk about all the colors and cuttings, so at least for now, I won’t. Now, let’s look at some of my favorite high-top Converse outfit ideas.

Black high top Converse with comfortable sweater and mini skirt

black high top Converse mini skirt sweater
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This is a great example of how to look elegant with Converse. Wear a black high top conversation with a black mini skirt and a comfy sweater for this simple yet classy and beautiful look. A nice black wallet will definitely help.

White high top with gray sweater and skinny jeans

white high top Converse skinny jeans sweater
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Wear a white high-top Converse with a gray comfortable sweater and skinny jeans for a casual yet attractive minimal look. That’s it. This shows you how easy it is to wear Converse and look your best.

White Converse with a green sweater and a red checked scarf

white high top converse green sweater scarf
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This outfit is a good demonstration of how to use contrasting colors to create an energetic and eye-catching look. The combination of red plaid scarf and green sweater goes perfectly with the white high-top. This will be a great casual outfit for fall.

White Converse with crop top and flared skirt

white Converse crop top flared skirt
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A young and cute way to wear the white high-top Converse is to pair it with a white long-sleeved crop top and a black flared skirt. This outfit will show off your legs and waist and it is a nice outfit idea for summer and spring.

Gray high top with checked blazer and pants

gray high top Converse plaid jacket pants
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In addition to black and white, gray is also a popular color choice for the high-top Converse. This outfit shows how you can wear the gray shoes in a more artistic style. Wear it with a plaid blazer, matching pants and a hat.

White Converse with cuffed jeans and a white vest

white Converse Cuffed Jeans white vest
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Cuffed jeans go wonderfully with high top Converse. This outfit uses the white high top, cuffed jeans and a white waistcoat for a refreshing spring look. Tie a denim jacket around your waist to look even more stylish.

Black high top Converse with denim shorts and pink jacket

black high top Converse denim shorts
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Denim shorts and high top Converse go together perfectly. As a great demonstration of the layering, this outfit uses the black high top, denim shorts and a light pink jacket to achieve the sleek, stylish look.

White Converse with long sleeveless cardigans and denim shorts

long sleeveless cardigan white high top Converse
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Here is another great example of how layers can make you look slim and tall. It’s also another outfit idea that includes denim shorts and converse. This is such a beautiful spring outfit. You just wear a white T-shirt, a long sleeveless cardigan and denim shorts with the white high-top. This has to be my favorite outfit idea on this list because of how perfectly these pieces work together. And if you want to learn more about sleeveless cardigans, check out our blog post on sleeveless cardigans.

Black high top with denim shorts and white shirt

white shirt jean shorts high top Converse
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Here is a very minimal outfit idea that can really show off your legs. You just wear the black high top Converse with denim shorts and a white shirt. It really is that simple. You’ll also want to put on your shirt to look bigger in this outfit.

Black Converse with white sweater and pink jacket

black high top converse skinny jeans pink jacket
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Let’s get to an autumn and winter look. This outfit features a white sweater and pink jacket. For the bottom, just wear black skinny jeans and a black tall top. The all black bottom keeps people’s focus on the upper part of your body. This is a perfect outfit for dining out.

White high top Converse with one shoulder blouse

entertaining a shoulder blouse high up
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For a refreshing and sexy look, there is a very minimalistic looking and beautiful outfit idea here. Just wear an off-the-shoulder blouse with boyfriend jeans and a white high top. A long, stylish necklace will be the icing on the cake for this one.

Dress all black with leather jacket

all black leather jacket converse outfit
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The black Converse goes perfectly with the black leather jacket. I think there are black leather Converse as well, but the typical black ones are enough for this outfit. This is an all black outfit with the black high top, black leather jacket and black dress.

Wear with leather pants & trench coat

Trench coat Lederhose High Top Converse
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Let’s talk about this creative outfit that is not that easy to wear, but it looks great. The combination consists of a trench coat, a black and white horizontally striped sweater, leather pants and the black Converse. It’s amazing how these seemingly unrelated pieces can look so balanced together.

Wear with Boho Dress & High Socks

Boho T-Shirt Dress Black High Top Converse
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Sometimes Converse works well with boho style only if you can find the right dress. For this outfit idea, the simple dress with a little boho element goes very well with the black high-top. The high socks really help gel them together.

Wear it with a horizontally striped sweater dress

white high top converse striped sweater dress outfit
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You can also wear a black and white horizontal striped sweater dress with the white Converse high top. This can be a nice spring outfit without a jacket and an autumn outfit with the boyfriend jacket.

Now you can see that high top conversations are just great when paired with your causal outfits. The best thing about them is that they don’t make people focus on the shoes, but they go perfectly with different outfits so the combination of clothes and shoes never looks weird. To sum it up in one sentence, Converse is safe to wear and still makes you look good. I hope you enjoy the outfit ideas I just shared and please check out our many other outfit ideas on this website.

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