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Industrial Style Soft Minimalist Interior

Industrial Style Soft Minimalist Interior Design

Soft minimalism is fast becoming the latest trend in interior design. It considers the idea that minimalism is cold and sterile and suggests a design style that is clean and modern but also warm and lively. This design style is still modernist and minimal but with soft tones, ergonomic design and conscious consumerism. This decor is also about simple shapes, natural materials and warm, earthy colors. It gives your monochrome interior a more subtle and soft look. This concept of soft minimalism goes really well even in the industrial design style. Industrial style appreciates the visual appeal that lies within utilitarian objects, peeled architecture, metal and wood surfaces and neutral tones. Industrial furnishings are simple, subtle and elegant. The colors used in this style are therefore neutral and earthy shades that form a good base for a soft minimalist room decor.

Here you will find a home renovation of an old goldsmith's shop in Västmanland County, Sweden. Architect Johan Israelson renovated this old goldsmith's shop into a soft minimalist industrial home. The photographer Johan Sellén has beautifully captured the various features of this remodel. This industrial-style house has a lot of concrete, lacquered wood and steel. And yet, gray tones combined with warm wood accents and a surprisingly cozy interior make this minimalist interior feel soft and inviting. Johan decided to bleach the floors with lye and then wash them for the whitewashed look. He also painted the brick walls and layered the doors, windows and other elements with corrosion paint to give the raw, unfinished appearance.

Minimalist interior living room

warm and cozy sofa
The living room is decorated in warm and soothing colors. White walls and ceilings make the room look bigger and brighter. The mural art further improves the industrial look of the place. Functional sofas complement the minimal theme of the décor. Different pillows give color in the monochrome room and also make it look cozy. Throw rugs also add texture to the interior.

patterned white wall
The sidewalls and skylights give some designs to the usual walls. The exposed pipes, coffee table and floor lamp also enhance the industrial appeal of the room. The houseplants in the living room really experienced the place and make it look inviting.

Industrial style black and white dining room

large gray dining table
A wooden wall divider separates the dining area from the living room. The large gray dining table is Eber-concrete by Johan Israelson. The house's gray industrial theme goes well. The Soho chairs also contribute to the industrial appeal. Warm gray throws give a soft touch to the minimalist décor. The wall art and fireplace give the elegance and warmth to the interior.

bedroom entrance
In fact, the safe in the corner is kept from the old goldsmith's shop and fits well with the industrial theme. In the same way, the street light from Copenhagen, which hangs over the dinner table, contributes to the industrial look. A sliding door in the dining area leads to the bedroom.

Kitchen concrete bench

industrial style spacious kitchen
The huge kitchen in this industrial house has enough space to comfortably cook and socialize with friends and family at the same time. It has an island and a bench that both sports large countertops in concrete. Concrete countertops are formed in place. A rack above the counter serves as a place to store kitchen utensils. The Swansea bar stools fits perfectly into the industrial interior.

figs and old containers
The old kitchen equipment and fig tree give the room an inhabited feel. Hanging light bulbs provide illumination and further contribute to the industrial look. In the same way, the sliding doors offer privacy and enhance the modern industrial look.

interesting wine rack
The wine rack gives the room visual interest and color. It is a good example of minimalist decor.

Urban, modern and industrial bedroom

patterned headboard
The soft gray bedroom is an example of minimalist decor. The large bed by Deer Design dominates the space. A large wooden headboard makes the bed the center of focus in the room. The ship's pattern in the ceiling is recreated in the headboard. This gives pattern and texture to the interior. The space behind the bed is transformed into a small wardrobe that is effectively hidden behind the headboard.

soft gray bedroom decor
The comfortable gray bed covers and throws give the soft industry. Hanging lamps further contribute to the industrial interior. The orange fabric cable adds a touch of color to the minimalist décor. Two other chairs and a bar stool used as a side table are the only other furniture in the room.

Dark Dream Bathroom

patterned wall art
The stunning bathroom in this home renovation is a study of simplicity and elegance. The minimalist decor in the bathroom just gives a comfortable feeling. The gray patterned wall is the main office of the room. It gives texture and pattern to the minimal design.

elegant gray vanity
A gray vanity and wall cabinet fit well with the dark theme of the room. Wall-mounted lamps, hanging lamps and minimal fixtures further contribute to the industrial-style room.

patterned bathroom tiles
For those who like to decorate bathrooms so that it will complement their artistic taste in art, one of the ways to make it is to use pattern tiles. A large cupboard provides storage while the oak bench provides space. The patterned tiles lift the mood in the room. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in a lot of natural light and make the room look cheerful and bright.

Soft industrial home office

single industry office
The office was rebuilt from a fairly small area with a broken wall. The large window lets in a lot of sunlight. The window sill also acts as a screen shelf. In the same way, a small storage cabinet under the window acts as a seating bench. A desk, shelf and cupboard are just other features of this small office. Office chairs and desk lamp are a nod to the industrial style of the room. The mural gives some color and interest to the minimalist decor.

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